Is Anxiety What I Can’t Cope With?

Each of us is feeling anxious due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken our world by storm lately. Will our lives be in order, will something happen to my loved ones, will I be able to get out of this situation, will we be able to handle our affairs, what will be the school of the children… Many more uncertainties like this push us into the arms of feelings such as anxiety, depression and anxiety. Well, is the source of the fears we develop against all the negativities that occupy our minds just ‘anxiety?’

Anxiety is a mental and physical response to a frightening or threatening situation. Everyone experiences a few of these symptoms at some point in their life. When these symptoms begin to significantly affect life and interfere with daily life, it means that it has become a nuisance. Emotional symptoms such as fear, panic, restlessness, helplessness; There are many other physiological symptoms such as palpitation, weakness, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, sweating. However, anxiety is a natural part of our lives. We can show these symptoms while preparing for an exam, trying to catch up with work, and thinking about health, family, home life. In this case, we can say that not every symptom we show under our current conditions does not indicate that our anxiety has reached the level of discomfort.

With the increasing uncertainty we feel about our lives, our stress hormones may be rising and we may be less in control of our nerves. In addition, we may have problems focusing on the work we need to do at home or have memory difficulties. We may be eating even though we are not hungry, with a defense mechanism we use to get away from the moment of stress, which we can call emotional nutrition. However, all of these formations are normal during this period.

So what should we do? First of all, we must accept that the anxiety created by the situation we are in is normal to a certain extent. The important thing is to take care of our hygiene as much as we can by avoiding excess. We should prevent the stress that is trying to direct us from causing us to wash our hands every five minutes, and we should continue our routine by making sure that we provide the necessary conditions. In order to overcome some physiological effects caused by fear and anxiety, we can create a social hobby area in our home and turn to the works we enjoy doing. Doing sports, painting, meditation, trying untried recipes, fulfilling deferred tasks… Instead of feeling like we are trapped; We can overcome our anxiety if we see this time as an opportunity given to us to do many things that we want to do but cannot do.

We should not forget that; First of all, man’s medicine is himself. You can reach your own self and discover new things. It’s not too late to turn this time to your advantage.

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