Is a vegetarian diet a healthy eating pattern?

Hello everyone, today’s topic is vegetarian nutrition.

Vegetarianism is increasing in Western countries; It is a diet that has been reported to reduce the risk of death and cancer due to heart disease. Vegetarian diets are generally defined as a diet in which red meat, chicken, fish and seafood are excluded from the diet. Those who adopt this diet are more common in women.

So, is this diet completely healthy?

vegetarian individuals; In general, they consume high amounts of cereals, oil seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Buddha; It causes them to take nutrients such as carbohydrates, omega 6, fiber, folate, C, E, magnesium more than other individuals. In addition to taking these nutrients in excess, with a restricted diet from meat products, they also get less nutrients such as protein, omega 3, B12, zinc and calcium, thus often resulting in deficiency.

Protein quality can vary depending on the amino acid content and digestibility of foods. These values ​​of foods containing vegetable protein are quite low. For example, the protein digestibility score of meat and fish is 92%, while wheat and rice have 42-44%. And they contain some limited amino acids. Lysine deficiency can occur only with protein from grains. For this reason, it is beneficial to add plenty of legumes and soy protein to their diets.

Omega-3: Since fish consumption is limited, we can also increase the consumption of chia seeds, flaxseed, walnuts and eggs in diets to prevent deficiency.
vitamin B12; According to studies, it has been reported that B12 levels are low and homocysteine ​​levels are high, especially in vegans. Since B12 is mostly found in animal sources, if it cannot be consumed, its deficiency should be eliminated with supplement support.

As a result, Veg. Nutrition; Although it seems healthy because it is based on vegetables, fruits and grains, it can lead to a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals in the long run. Deficiency should be well identified and supplemented.

A well-managed veg under the control of a Dietitian. diet may not be a problem.

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