Invisalign Orthodontic System

Invisalign Orthodontic System

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign, one of the latest technologies in orthodontic treatments, offers transparent plaques specially made for you. (aligner) It is a wire-free orthodontic treatment applied to straighten your teeth. The reason for preferring wireless orthodontic treatment is that it is not clear that you are receiving orthodontic treatment while correcting the crookedness of your teeth. With transparent plaques throughout the treatment, you end your crooked tooth problem without anyone noticing.

In wireless orthodontics, transparent plaques are produced in series according to the desired position to move the teeth without braces. Each plate creates 0.05 mm of movement. The plates are attached for 15 days and then the other plate is passed.

How are transparent plaques produced according to tooth movement?

Your doctor will take measurements from your mouth and these measurements will be transferred to the computer environment with a 3D scanning system. The teeth transferred to the virtual environment are moved by computer simulation. Transparent plate is produced according to each 0.05 mm movement.

Your dentist can show you your teeth after treatment in three dimensions during the treatment plan phase.

Wireless orthodontics is an orthodontic treatment that can be applied to both adults, young people and children. Moderate and mild tooth crowding can be treated with invisalign. An orthodontic treatment that requires tooth extraction cannot be treated with invisalign.

Your child should have lost all of their milk teeth and at least the second molars should have partially erupted. This corresponds to the average age of 13-14 years.

What is the biggest advantage of Invisalign treatment?

The most important feature of Invisalign is that it does not negatively affect your daily life.

First of all, Invisalign is almost invisible in your mouth and you can continue to smile as you wish throughout the treatment.

You can easily remove your plaque while eating, drinking or brushing your teeth, and you can eat whatever you want.

Since the treatment is made without metal and soft plates are used, you will not experience a situation that will disturb your teeth and gums.

Is there pain in Invisalign treatment?

For the teeth to move, a force must be applied. You will feel a pressure when you put on the clear aligners for the first time. Your teeth will soon adapt to this pressure.

How long will my controls be in my Wireless Orthodontic treatment?

Your appointment with your dentist will be once a month. You will receive 2 new transparent plaques at each control. Transparent plates are changed every 15 days. For example, if 20 plaques were produced for your treatment, your treatment would take 10 months.

You should wear clear aligners for an average of 20 hours a day. It is recommended that you only remove it while eating. Apart from that, you can take it out in a maximum of 1-2 hours, such as a very important meeting. You can drink normal temperature or cool drinks, but it is recommended to take it out when drinking hot things such as tea. Since Invisalign plates are thermoplastic, they can be deformed in the heat.

How do I care for my Invisalign aligners?

You can clean your invisalign aligners every morning and evening with a toothbrush under warm water. If you smoke, your transparent plaques may turn yellow after a certain time compared to a non-smoker. However, this yellowing will not be excessive as you will change your invisalign plates every 15 days.

Does the treatment take less time with normal braces or invisalign (wireless orthodontic treatment)?

The duration of treatment varies according to the case. However, since computer technology is used in invisalign treatment, no force is applied to the area where movement is not desired. Since mild and moderate crowding is also used, the invisalign treatment period can be relatively shorter than the normal orthodontic treatment period.

Are Invisalign treatment fees expensive?

Since it is almost not visible, it is an expensive method compared to normal braces treatment.

Before Starting Wireless Orthodontic Treatment

Before starting the treatment, all caries should be cleaned, dental calculus should be cleaned, and all maintenance procedures in the mouth should be completed. Depending on the situation, your doctor may sometimes request the extraction of your wisdom teeth before invisalign treatment. After the measurement is taken, no action is applied in the mouth. Prosthetic procedures such as bridges and implants are performed after invisalign treatment is completed.

Are any procedures done after my Invisalign treatment is finished?

After your Invisalign treatment is finished (valid for all orthodontic treatments)too thin to the inside of your teeth “retainer” Stabilizer wires are attached. This thin wire is absolutely invisible from the outside. Your teeth are also attached so that there is no play or reversion. Your orthodontist will explain the duration to you.

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