Intuitive Nutrition

We’ve been hearing your name a lot lately, but do we know what you are? Let’s examine intuitive eating together today.

It is a type of nutrition that a person has from birth, but can be atrophied due to external factors, and is fed by following his own hunger-satiety signals. This diet does not tell you when to eat or what to eat.

Basic principle; Eating when hungry is based on quitting when full.

Differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger!

Physical hunger is a normal and necessary condition and develops slowly. Emotional hunger is; It is the desire to eat that can occur in emotional situations such as stress, sadness, joy, loneliness. After eating, feelings of regret, guilt, or short-term well-being may occur.

So How Do We Practice Intuitive Eating?

As a first step, identify what type of hunger you are experiencing by watching yourself and be aware of it!

  • Drop the diet logic.

  • Listen to your body’s signals, turn to flexible principles.

  • Love your hunger, feel your satiety.

  • Respond to your sense of hunger by feeding your body healthy.

  • See your hunger as a metabolic phenomenon, not an enemy.

  • Discover your satiety signals, stop when you’re full!

  • During the meal, we occasionally ask ourselves “How am I feeling right now?”, “How does this food taste?”, “Do I want to continue?” We can bring our attention to our food and our body by asking questions such as:

  • Deal with your emotions without using food

When we have difficult experiences, you can spare time for your favorite activities such as reading a book, meditating, listening to music, organizing a meeting with our friend. Try to understand that that feeling you call hunger is based on your emotional emptiness.

Treat yourself well, respect your body, don’t focus on the scale!

“I eat what feels good to me” This can be hamburgers, salads or chips. When you eliminate your “bad” “forbidden” ideas about food and allow yourself unconditionally, you can see that you will make the most necessary and right choices for your body.

It may take some time to discover your eating habits and yourself, so try to be patient instead of blaming yourself.

Let your primary goal be to improve your health and feel better-strong. Focusing solely on weight loss will lead you astray.

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