Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating; It is a lifestyle that you enjoy while eating and making choices by listening to your body, taking into account your feelings and thoughts, without the stress of dieting.

Bans always attract you. When it comes to dieting, everyone knows that these apps are usually not enjoyable, even if you’re stuck with something you might like among the diet lists. ‘Just eat these’ sounds good to who? On the other hand, you may be criticized by your family, friends or lover for making unhealthy food choices that are always enjoyable. Although this is more painful in women than in men, men also suffer from it.

Creating a healthy and balanced relationship with food can be a beautiful way to connect with your body and your tastes. This can prevent overeating and unhealthy eating.

Food allows us to connect with nature. It allows us to bond with our ancestors. It is a way to connect with ourselves. It is nature’s gift to us. It is for us. Most people today have not thought about what eating means to them. Have you thought? Eating is one of our daily routines that we do every day, but it is not a simple act. For example, in some eating disorders, we see that eating is used as a coping mechanism from time to time.

Get ready to eat. The part until you put the food on your plate and put the first bite in your mouth is as remarkable as the food itself. If you are at home, candles, a dim atmosphere, calm music and a comfortable sofa can turn the meal into a feast. In addition, while music satisfies your soul, food will make its way to your stomach. You may not be able to do this every time, but you can experience it as soon as possible. It can breathe new life into your perspective.

Focus on your 5 senses while eating. You see it, you touch it, you smell it, you hear the chewing sounds and you taste it. Imagine a chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth slowly. Try to understand its taste. Just when you imagine that bite and try to understand it, your mouth will be filled with a rich taste. This is a different habit than what I’m talking about so far. It is also a sacred invitation to pleasure.

Listen to your body. Sometimes the best thing for you is a slice of pizza. You will not be afraid to eat pizza when you start to feel the need of your body and establish a relationship by keeping the balance. Taste a slice of pizza with all your intuition. Focus on the taste and what is happening in the moment, not on the quantity. After eating, the feeling of fullness will not come immediately. This does not change even if you increase the measure up to a point. In other words, your stomach won’t give you the ‘full alarm’ unless you overdo it. If you focus on getting full, you will eat non-stop to get the feeling of fullness. It comes back at seven. The stomach becomes able to take more food. It grows and grows…

How can you make intuitive eating a habit? Examine your perspective on eating. Then turn it into a healthy and balanced state and try to understand what your body needs. You can start eating intuitively by involving all your five senses. intuitive eating; Experience it, it has the power to nurture your creativity, sensuality, and desires.

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