introversion in children

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Introversion, in which the toes of both feet turn forward, is a very common problem in children. introversion in children The problem is usually related to genetic factors. There is definitely someone on the mother or father’s side of these children whose feet are inward. Introjection problem should be considered as a variation in printing. So it shouldn’t be seen as a serious problem. The biggest problem is that there are abrasions, especially on the inner back of the shoes.

What Causes Introversion in Babies?

Although introversion is seen as a foot problem, it is actually caused by angle differences in the hip or shinbone. The hip angle (forward-facing angle) is about 15 degrees in adults, and 20-25 degrees in children. This angle is greater in children with introversion. In order to correct the angle, the hip rotates inward, and as a result, the foot turns inward. In the same way, the angle of inward turning in the tibia can also cause the problem of pressing in.

What Problems Does Introversion Cause in Children?

Parents whose children have a pressing problem worry that there may be bigger problems in the future. “What if my child cannot walk, has gait disturbances, or cannot do sports” express their fears. However, these children are very active and successful in sports. They usually do not experience problems throughout their lives. In fact, many of the basketball players and football players have the problem of pressing in. It has also been observed that they run faster than normal riders.

Introversion Therapy

push-in Since it is not considered a disease, treatment is not needed much. Rarely, people with an extreme rotation can be treated. For this, at least adolescence should be expected. Treatment can be provided with plaster or surgical interventions. There is no need for a special shoe or mold for instep.

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