Intervention is needed without being dangerous. Nail biting!

Ingrown nail is the extension of the nail, which should grow straight, by cutting and damaging the soft tissue inside the skin at the edge of the nail. This is a very painful, inflammatory condition and can result in infection.

Wrong nail cutting can occur as a result of congenital turned nail structure, wrong shoe selection or trauma. If there is an ingrown nail at the initial stage, the nail channels are cleaned and support operations are performed so that the nail can grow properly without ingrowing.

For more advanced stinging, a wire is applied to the nail. The nail embedded in the soft tissue from the sides is suspended on both sides with special shaped wires, compressed in the middle with the tension wire method and lifted up. Thus, it is ensured that the hooked nail grows straight without damaging the soft tissue. The wire is changed at certain intervals according to the nail growth. Wire application does not prevent wearing shoes and allows to continue daily life.

If there is excessive swelling, pain, and discharge, the nail is infected and surgical intervention is required. In surgical intervention, the ingrown edge, nail bed and root of the nail are removed.

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