We have experienced indecision on many issues in our lives, the number of which we cannot remember, and some of us still continue to live. Let’s think about it like this; We are experiencing these indecisions about many issues that we cannot write down here, such as anything we will buy, the food we will eat, the clothes we will wear, while making our job choices, while thinking about which school I should choose, whether I should go and talk to him or not, should I act this way or that way towards him. .

So why do we experience these uncertainties?

1. Fear of making mistakes; We are so afraid of making mistakes or we care so much not to make mistakes that we forget that we have the luxury of making mistakes like everyone else. Even if we have made a mistake as a result of our decision, we often ignore that it is not the last thing or that it may be a situation that can be compensated.

2.Perfectionism; People with a perfectionist character have a hard time making decisions while experiencing indecision, in order not to encounter situations such as wrong, incomplete, not being able to do something as desired. No matter what they decide, they worry that the result will not turn out as they want.

3. Having a dependent personality structure; Those who have difficulty in making decisions on their own, or those who have always taken the decisions for themselves by others, experience these indecisions again.

We can add other reasons to these reasons. But these are the most obvious reasons. So what can we do if we are experiencing such indecision?

1. Activate your logic. Sometimes, in some situations, our emotions outweigh. In such situations, we oscillate between our logic and our emotions. If you think that you have acted with your emotions and made wrong decisions until now, after this minute, try to act with a little more logic. If it is an unfamiliar situation, you may find it difficult at first, but if the results of the decisions you make in the future begin to please you, you will adapt to this situation more easily.

2. Use the Plus – Minus Method. In case you are indecisive, prepare a list of “what will be the pros and cons of the result if I do this”. This list will make it easier for you to decide.

3. Set a time for yourself. An uncertain time frame can make it difficult for you to make a decision. Setting a deadline for yourself can help you make faster decisions. This makes your job easier, especially in matters that need to be decided in a simple and shorter time.

And lastly, do not forget that the decisions you make are your decisions, whether they are right or wrong, your mistakes and success are your decisions. Stop being happy with your decision as a result of success, stop blaming yourself for failure, just notice your mistakes and try not to do it the next time.

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