Inlay Onlay Aesthetic Fillers

Inlay Onlay Aesthetic Fillers

Because porcelain inlay-onlay fillings are both aesthetic and durable, composite or amalgam fillings (to porcelain crowns) It is preferred because it requires less substance loss in the tooth than In the process, only the caries area is cleaned and the size of the tooth is taken.

Porcelain inlay fillings prepared in the laboratory are then attached to the teeth with special adhesives. (adhesive systems)is pasted.

Especially for teeth with large material loss, first of all, root canal treatment is applied, and if necessary, simple surgical corrections (gingivoplasty – gingival manicure) are made and onlay (porcelain or composite filling prepared in the laboratory) is applied on it. In this way, the risk of breaking the tooth or filling is very low.

porcelain fillings

They are tissue-friendly fillings and are among the materials with the highest biological compatibility. They are produced with advanced technology. In the porcelain filling method, the healthy tooth tissue in the mouth is not damaged. With a few changes made on the tooth cavity opened in normal filling, the tooth is made ready for porcelain filling. In addition, these porcelains are the materials closest to the hardness of the tooth and most compatible with the gingiva. Since its hardness is very close to the enamel tissue of the tooth, it does not abrade teeth like other porcelains, nor does it wear out like composite fillings. Composite filling or crown, especially in large material losses (covering)should be preferred instead.

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