Ingrown Nail Treatment


The first place that patients apply for ingrown nails is usually hairdressers.

With a pedicure, the pressure part of the ingrown nail is cut and the pain is relieved temporarily. Then, a solution is sought by trying to enlarge the bed with warm compresses, cotton or wire system applied in various centers. However, all temporary procedures will not yield results unless the root that extends the nail, which is the main reason for the nail to sink into the soft tissue, is removed.

The important mistake made in these patients is the removal of the nail as a whole. The nail that has been pulled as a whole will unfortunately grow back in the same way.

The solution is extremely simple. The problem is solved by removing only the submerged part. After the ingrown part is anesthetized with local anesthesia, it is removed together with the nail bed as a thin strip. Only the bed that creates the ingrown and extends it, that is, the root part, is filed and the formation of ingrown nails is prevented.

Ingrown nail is treated with this highly effective procedure. The process is completed in a very short time; No rest period is required after the procedure, on the contrary, the patient is relieved as the submerged part is now removed and can immediately return to his daily life and business life. In order to prevent the risk of infection, the treatment is completed with short-term systemic antibiotics or topically applied creams, if necessary, and the patient regains his health.

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