Ingenuity is in the effort

Marifet is in the effort..

Posted by Metin Hamurcu

Lacan says success is the best revenge, it upsets everyone who doesn’t love you.

Everyone wants to be successful. Better, one of the best, maybe the best.

Of course, there are some things we need to do so that this is not just a request;

First of all, we have been told deep down that you can’t, you can’t, you can’t succeed… You need to get rid of your patterns and limits.

For that, you should read books, fight your thoughts, and maybe go to therapy.

Aziz SancarNobel laureate in physics says:

Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t, it is labor that separates us from each other, I believe in work.”

95% of us are of near intelligence.

What separates us is our working style and the freshness of our minds.

People around, highway or bump..

When taking into account, you should take into account how much they love you and how much they want your well-being.

You should not be influenced by the sentences you hear; You can’t take the exam without knowing math, if you don’t win in your first year, this is the job, you chose the wrong department…

People’s mouths are not bags so that you shrink.

There is no single type of intelligence; There are nine of them, I’m sure you have one or two…

You must develop yourself not only in cognitive, academic development, but also in fine arts, technology, social relations and morals.

You have to find words, life stories, music, places that will inspire you.

The brain is just like a fuel, it always wants new information, otherwise it will be useless and stop.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone, your rival is yourself.

You should aim to beat your previous level by ten percent.

You should not interrupt the breathing and relaxation stories.

There is no secret to success. Preparation is the result of hard work and learning from failure.

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