Information About Labiaplasty Surgery

Labio minorlar (small lips) are structures in the form of skin folds located just at the entrance of the vagina. The skin fold, which is similar to this lip, covers the vaginal entrance and appears as a structure that acts as a barrier here. Just outside of the labia minora (small lips), there are labia majors surrounding it, which is called the labia majora and are larger volume structures. On the upper part of the labia minora, there is an erectile structure called the clitoris, which is the equivalent of the glans penis in men.

Labia minores are different in structure, size and color in every woman. Sometimes the excessive size of this structure can both disturb the person visually and cause pain during sexual intercourse functionally. The main problem here is that during sexual intercourse, this large skin fold enters inside – towards the vagina and causes pain – irritation as a result of tension and friction.

Excessively large labia minora can often cause infection, fungal development, and unpleasant appearance, especially in swimsuit-wearing women, and can negatively affect the social life of the person.

The fact that the labia minora are sometimes darker than the surrounding tissues can also cause dissatisfaction in women.

After the operation, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital. Generally, our patients can return to their normal daily lives the next day and can have sexual intercourse 4-6 weeks later.

Labiaplasty Surgery

Generally, we decide which technique to apply after the examination and we perform the surgery with the most suitable technique for the patient. After the procedure, the necessary drug treatment is started for our patients and we usually call our patients for control after 1 week.

Labiaplasty surgery does not harm the hymen and can also be applied to virgin women. In the same session, if the patient has problems such as vaginal enlargement, enlargement of the vagina, or a sound from the vagina during intercourse, and in some cases, there are problems such as gas discharge from the vagina, we also perform a vaginal tightening surgery, which we call vaginoplasty.

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