Individual Psychotherapy

It is the psychology of man that determines his limits. He can adapt to the outside world to the extent of the flexibility of the identity he has determined for himself. It ensures that the psychology of adaptation to the outside world is positive. The cycle between the outer world and the inner world is the life of the human baby. It is the freedom of the mind that determines the quality of life. He limits what he can do when he feels restricted. When he removes the boundaries from his mind, he can do things that will challenge the laws of physics. Imagine a place where there is no time and space limit. Let everything you experience here be recorded in the moment . There is no priority and latency . There are no restrictions on the laws of physics . The key to enter this place is defined as your imagination and given to you. What can you do under these conditions?

Whatever your answer to the question asked above is, it is your mental capacity that determines your limits. The soul of the human cub belongs to him. His mind is in the common area. So it is open to interaction. The interaction of your mind with others is like a can of actions trapped in the moment without time and space. To put it a little further, everything you’ve ever experienced is in a single moment. Just like memo pads stacked on top of each other in the same box. The moment you first started forming is the same moment you are reading this article. For this reason, psychologists are able to treat the events experienced in the past moments in the present moment. The human mind uploads the resentments it experiences in the common area to its soul. When he cannot cure the resentments he has placed on his soul, he is faced with the rumination of his thoughts. In psychology literature, this situation is called rumination. Rumination is the occupation of the past by the present.

When rumination is not treated, it reduces the quality of a person’s daily life. Being stuck in negative situations in the past prevents a person from living in the present. He indulges in the belief that what I have experienced is a guarantee of what I will live. The revolving of negative experiences in the mind is related to the mind being timeless and spaceless. A person who gains awareness with individual therapy can get rid of the negative effects of this situation and continue his daily life in a healthy way. Individual therapy is the most sensible investment a person can make in himself. To save the future from the hands of the past.

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