Individual Counseling and Therapy

When we think about life events and the troubles we experience inside, we can sometimes come to the point where we cannot cope. We may be right where we need support before the problems escalate and become ossified or displaced. These problems can be very diverse. The important thing is that you allow timely intervention. Timely intervention often leads to good life leaps. You will be very happy with it. We, as Izana, set out with you in a professional psychotherapy or counseling plan to resolve your problems. This plan and path is unique to you. Your personality structure, needs, goals, coping strategies and specific situation etc. Many elements such as these form the main lines of our psychotherapy plan.

How is the process?

Sessions, especially the first session, begin with the definition of the problem you are experiencing in the dimension you feel. What you feel and what you think, the expression of the distress you are experiencing begins to place the pieces of the map we have determined in our minds. It is very important for us that you can honestly tell about your distress. While you are telling, we begin to draw our roadmap professionally in our minds. Most importantly, your spiritual privacy that you have opened to us is forever safe. Even this reassurance will give you more relief at the beginning than you might think.

Unhealthy spiritual development schemes that begin in childhood turn into spiritual pain over time. Therefore, the aim of therapy is to reduce all the pain that has become unbearable and to repair internal conflicts.

As a result of therapy, the person restructures his/her emotion, thought and behavior schemes by developing problem-solving skills with new techniques and approaches gained under the guidance of the therapist. Thus, he learns to cope with life events and mental problems.

Individual problems:

▪ Depression

▪ Anxiety

▪ Panic Attack

▪ Social Phobia

▪ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

▪ Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders

▪ Somatization and Psychosomatic Problems

▪ Eating or sleep disorders

▪ Relationship problems, communication problems with a lover or spouse

▪ Insecurity, jealousy in relationships

▪ Separation, abandonment, abandonment with a loved one

▪ Deception, deception problems

▪ Divorce, coping with the divorce process and adjustment after divorce, single parenting

▪ Social isolation, dissatisfaction in relationships

▪ Inability to trust others, skepticism, inability to attach

▪ Sexual problems

▪ Exhaustion, anxiety, stress, competition, conflicts in business life

▪ School problems, lack of motivation to work, academic success

▪ Exam anxiety, performance anxiety in university exam, coping with anxiety

▪ General unhappiness, melancholy, alienation and loneliness

▪ Anxiety, anxiety, panic, restlessness against life’s responsibilities

▪ Mindfulness, attention problems, forgetfulness

▪ Insecurity, inadequacy, feelings of inadequacy, self-criticism, feelings of worthlessness

▪ Inability to say no

▪ Addiction, inability to do alone, self-sacrifice

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