Increase in Divorce Decisions During Quarantine

Stating that the coronavirus process has not only physiological but also psychological effects and that marriages are greatly affected in this process, Psychologist Funda Cansu Gül said, “There is an increase in the number of our clients who make decisions such as separation and divorce. We see some difficulties especially in family relations.”

Measures were taken in all countries, including our country, for the corona virus (Covid19) epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China and spread worldwide. The epidemic affected the health, economy, business and education sectors, as well as the family and private lives of individuals. It was also observed that this process had positive or negative effects on families and individuals who could not leave the house experienced psychological problems. Another observed situation is; After the epidemic ended, there were increases in divorce decisions to be made by couples who constantly fight at home. Psychologist Funda Cansu Gül gave information about the deterioration in family relations of individuals staying at home during the corona process, domestic violence and its reflection on children, and the factors that can solve this problem.

“The feeling of anger intensified with the corona”

Pointing out that the feeling of anger intensified in the society with the corona virus, Psychologist Funda Cansu Gül underlined that this feeling can be observed in every environment. Gül said, “We are actually in a difficult process as a society with the Corona virus. Many negative emotions have been experienced in this process. We see that various emotions are experienced in connection with both depressive feelings and stress. Especially when anxiety and anxiety are not expressed in appropriate ways, the feeling of anger can be very high. It is observed that it emerges intensively. This is not only in the family, but in fact, we have observed that this feeling is experienced very intensely in the street, at work, in every environment with the start of normalization.”

Psychologist Funda Cansu Gül said, “We see some problems especially in family relations. Especially since it is a life-threatening health condition, individuals have intolerance and intolerance towards each other, especially if these feelings are not fully expressed in appropriate ways. “There are different ways to express these negative feelings. For example, writing it down. Or talking to family members with a little control over anger can help us relax a little bit,” he said.

“Increase in the number of those who decide to separate and divorce”

Funda Cansu Gül pointed out that there was a significant increase in the number of clients who made decisions such as separation and divorce in this process. Psychologist Funda Cansu Gül argued that it would be beneficial to think more realistically when it comes to health-threatening situations before such decisions are made. Gül said, “Before serious decisions such as divorce, a more realistic evaluation should be made, especially when it comes to situations that threaten health. There is a significant increase in the number of applicants, especially for anxiety and depression disorders. There is also a significant increase in the number of those who decide to separate and divorce. the judge,” he said.

Children copy the way their parents communicate

Funda Cansu Gül, who said that children copy the way parents communicate in the family, stated that children who witness violence may cause a similar situation in the relationship between siblings. Gül said, “Unfortunately, we can see that psychological and physical violence against women has increased due to family conflicts. The relationship between siblings can also be damaged in this respect. Children who witness the relationship and communication style of their parents during the pandemic process copy the same communication style. “It also causes us to witness the conflict and violence between siblings. Parents have a big role to play in this matter. When such a situation is observed, it is necessary to be told that this is not a form of communication, siblings should engage in joint activities, and anger control should be provided,” he said.

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