Lingual orthodontics is an orthodontic treatment applied from the back of the teeth.
method. As a word, -lingual- means “tongue side”, “language region” in Latin.
orthodontic treatment applied to the tongue-facing parts of the teeth.
defines it. Incognito treatment is one of the methods used in lingual orthodontics.
is the market name. Just like other methods in lingual orthodontics, incognito also
wires and brackets are adhered to the back surfaces of the teeth. Incognito and other lingual
The biggest advantages of orthodontic methods are that, unlike the invisalign method, only certain
It can be used not only in cases but also in more complicated cases.

Incognito appliances are completely individually designed and produced. all other
brackets and wires used in orthodontic treatment methods and produced as fabrication
On the contrary, in the incognito method, everything is specially made of “gold alloy” according to the patient’s mouth.
is produced. In short, in this method, the measurements taken from the teeth of the patients are first performed abroad.
(Germany) is sent to the center, where with the help of a special computer-assisted software.
It is sent back to our country after it is produced specially for the person.

Another feature that distinguishes the incognito treatment from other lingual methods is the
custom-made brackets are made of gold, not directly to the back of the teeth.
they are attached by means of a pedestal. In this way, the back faces of the teeth are almost covered with a golden surface.
not being able to provide adequate oral hygiene as in other lingual methods and
The likelihood of caries formation is reduced. For this reason, the brackets are very easy to get used to.

Incognito is the most widely used lingual therapy system in the world today.
It can be applied by orthodontists who have a certificate obtained as a result of a special training.
In summary, Incognito, especially those who avoid treatment due to aesthetic concerns or who constantly
The best solution for those who postpone their treatment is in patient groups where aesthetic concerns are at the forefront.
(politicians, business professionals, artists, models, athletes, etc…) is a good alternative.

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