Inability to absorb love

Loving and being loved is a basic emotional need, but not every child is as lucky as others in meeting this need sufficiently. .
If you did not receive enough attention, love, protection, care, understanding as a child; if you have not received sufficient approval; If your parents are cold and distant, it can be difficult to feel loved by others. Even if your friends, friends (which are hard to get), your family tell you that they love you, directly or indirectly, you can’t feel it, you can’t be sure. You can’t find a place to make up messages of love, like Lego bricks. You may feel yourself in the second plan all the time. You cannot trust people. Bonding is always uncomfortable. And if you experience unsuccessful relationships, your beliefs that you are not loved become even deeper.
I can’t say that every person loves you, but those who love you, those who are ready to love you, are out there somewhere. It’s just your childhood experiences that sometimes leave you in the dark. Feeling their love can be as difficult as finding direction in the dark. Contact, call, demand. It is not shameful to ask for love and affection. And don’t expect absolute, unconditional love. It disappoints you. The closest feeling to unconditional love is only towards babies. And in movies… You can love each other with the person in front of you. Your shopping should be balanced. However, the person in front of you also needs to love and be loved like you. You will either meet this with each other or with someone else… What will decide that?

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