In which cases should we seek psychological support?

If our feelings of pessimism and hopelessness about the future are intense,

If we are in an emotional-spiritual weariness and depression for which you do not know the reason,

If our sleep pattern has started to deteriorate,

If we are at the stage of an important decision regarding our life choices (marriage, divorce, job change, city change, relationship, social relations, etc.), but we do not know what to do,

If we started to harm ourselves and our environment,

If we need the opinion of someone who is outside of our lives and who is objective,

If we need someone to understand us and guide us,

If we are having tantrums that we cannot control,

If you have recently started gaining or losing weight,

If our feelings and thoughts, our inner world are mixed,

If we started making wrong choices over and over again,

If we have “UNFINISHED WORKS” that we have not resolved and accumulated in the past,

If our self-confidence is low and we want to improve ourselves,

If we want to know ourselves better and define what we can and cannot do better,

If we have too many feelings and thoughts and we want to share them with someone we can trust, to be understood and relax…

If we are experiencing one or more of the above options, we should start getting psychological support as soon as possible.

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