In which cases is a cesarean delivery performed?

In cases where vaginal birth is not suitable for the health of the mother or the baby, it is the situation where the baby is delivered from the abdomen by surgery. This form of delivery, which is a kind of surgical intervention, requires anesthesia. It can be done with general anesthesia or with anesthesia from the waist down, namely epidural, spinal anesthesia, combined epispi. Epidural anesthesia should be preferred for maternal and infant health. Since the catheter is placed in epidural anesthesia, postpartum painkillers may continue for 1-2 days after the catheter. Thus, since the mother will not feel the pain of the operation site, she can recover faster, take care of her baby, and breastfeed easily.

Decision of birth by cesarean; In cases such as large macrosomic baby, inverted lateral posture, breech presentation in the first pregnancy, head-to-head presentation in twin pregnancy, placenta previa, placental abruption, arthralgia (pregnancy poisoning), a cesarean section decision can be made during pregnancy follow-up. Apart from this, cesarean section decisions made during labor are quite common in cases such as not responding to artificial pain during delivery, impaired heartbeat of the baby, abnormal position of the baby during normal delivery, and placental abruption on the face and hands.

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