In the school adaptation process; child and family

> School phobia develops due to a kind of separation anxiety that the child shows against separation from his mother while going to school. In other words, the source of school fear is separation from their mother.

> Children with school phobia try to persuade their parents not to go to school by expressing their reluctance to go to school and having physical problems. Complaints such as nausea and abdominal pain in the child disappear with the decision not to go to school.

> The child’s school phobia may stem from the attitude of a mother who is overly dependent and does not want to be alone. In addition, the fact that a child whose all his wishes are met expects his wishes to be met in the same way everywhere causes him trouble. Disliking school and insecurity about life at home are also among the causes of school phobia.

Suggestions for Preventing the Occurrence of School Phobia:

* Investigate the reasons why the child does not want to go to school.

* Attitudes towards children should not be overprotective and flexible.

* Have the child go to school with the other parent’s drive or school bus instead of the dependent parent.

* When the child is at school, it is necessary to try to gain a certain confidence in whatever he is worried about.

* Avoid blaming the child for not going to school.

* Family members should be determined and persistent about going to school.

* Pay attention to whether the child’s unwillingness to go to school is actually an organic disorder.

* If the school environment creates school phobia for the child, then the teacher should make sure that the classroom activities are appropriate and enjoyable for the children. The teacher should support the child to be happy in the classroom and to participate in the classroom environment.

* The teacher should be understanding towards the child and compulsive attitudes should be avoided.

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