In sickness, in health, in epidemic…

In this process we are in, we may be trying to cope with the stress created by material and moral losses, worries and uncertainties.

This situation can cause individual conflicts as well as increase family conflicts.

Although most of the problems in the family are caused by communication errors, not accepting our personal feelings and not transferring them to the outside can make this situation worse.

Feeling unhappy, depressed and angry with the decrease in the subjects we could tolerate in the past, remembering old notebooks, or the problems brought by new awareness, the presence of children and the increase in responsibilities and workload can affect our family relations.

Knowing that all these are normal in this period, that it is difficult to overcome the old problems in this period, and that we need time to reevaluate the relationship in a healthier period may give us some relief…

In addition, I think that the division of labor in which all family members participate and the sharing of responsibility within the family is especially important in this period.

If we think that managing our individual anxieties and stress can affect the whole process, providing our own awareness may be our first priority. Anxiety that increases as the uncertainty increases may actually start to affect our thought system, our emotions, and then our behavior.

The fear and anxiety brought on by negative emotions can turn into outbursts of anger, leaving their place to family conflicts, verbal or physical violence.

Difficulties in coping with stress, burnout, increased intake of cigarettes, alcohol, or being away from home may have started.

Thinking that this period is temporary, focusing on the present instead of the future, and thinking that this situation is an opportunity for many things, practicing breathing and relaxation exercises in times of stress, setting aside time for ourselves in the house if possible, dealing with a job that we can enjoy, getting psychological support in cases where we cannot cope. It will not only help us relax, but it will also improve our family relationships.

It may be good for all of us to experience the relief of being able to share our negative feelings such as fear, anxiety and sadness, as well as remembering good old memories more with our family, sharing beautiful dreams for the future…

As the basis of all draws; thinks that the most important element of keeping our family together in sickness, health and epidemic is communication, respect, trust and love,

I wish you days of high tolerance and understanding….


I wish you weeks with high tolerance and understanding…

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