In regional thinning: ultra lipo cavitation…

~ In recent years, non-surgical regional thinning techniques have become very popular. The blessings that the developing technology has offered to human beings add comfort as well as the convenience it brings. Nowadays, when the summer season is approaching, men or women are in search of regional thinning. Here, the cavitation application can provide the desired results for people who do not require surgical methods, which we call tummy tuck and fat suction, and who seek non-surgical solutions.

Cavitation works with the principle of blasting the fat cells under the skin in the area where it is applied with ultrasonic sound waves. Thanks to this principle, the deteriorated fat cells and water are released and become metabolized in the liver. The application is made by gently moving the probe on the skin with contact from the surface; this is why it does not create a surgical operation effect.

This practice can be applied not only to women but also to men. It is a painless application that works with the principle of breaking down fat cells and cellulite.

The important thing here is that the movement, nutrition and adequate water intake suitable for age, gender and body are not neglected. Anyhow, eating irregularly by saying that I have such an application means that the fat cells that are broken down in the application are taken back.

Ultra Lipo Cavitation; those with acute or chronic diseases; in patients with heart, high blood pressure, diabetes; people with inflammation or wound in the upper skin layer in the area to be treated; In people with metal prosthesis in the area to be applied; It cannot be applied in pregnant women.

After cavitation, first softening and then shrinking and recovery are seen in the treated area. For optimal results, a total of 8 sessions with an interval of 10-15 days are recommended. This period may vary with the supportive applications to be made with the application.

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