Important points in laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most modern hair removal method today. The wavelength of the light is important in laser epilation. The beam affects the hair root. Light energy turns into heat energy and the hair root is permanently destroyed. Then there will be no fluff here. What is important in laser epilation is the structure of the hair and the type of skin. The thicker, darker, harder the hair is and the lighter the skin, the more successful the laser epilation will be. Determination of skin type is learned by doing a doctor’s examination in the clinic. Different types of lasers can be used for hair removal. Patients should first learn which type of laser is used in the place where they will be treated. Because the quality of these devices directly affects the treatment. With laser epilation, unwanted hair in every desired part of the body can be removed.

The main purpose of epilation is that the laser beam reaches the hair root in the right dose and damages it in such a way that it cannot produce hair again. While applying this, it is aimed not to cause irritation or burns on the skin by applying more than the sufficient laser dose. Doctors meticulously make this adjustment with the necessary devices.

Root removal procedures should be stopped 20 days before laser epilation starts. In order for the doctor to evaluate the hair structure, the hairs should be somewhat long. After the doctor makes the necessary examinations, he shares the details with the patient. Skin type is also important for laser. The patient should not be tan.

Hair on the body has different stages such as formation, development and shedding. Hairs in different stages can be found in the same area. The laser is repeated at regular intervals to find the stage where the hair is most sensitive to the laser. The number of sessions varies from person to person and according to the region. The problem is resolved in an average of 4-6 sessions. Session times vary according to the epilation device used. The intervals between sessions vary between 4-6 weeks in the face area and 8-10 weeks in other parts of the body. If you continue your sessions regularly, you may not have hair problems after the first session. It is a very safe application. It has been developing for about 30-40 years. If it is used for hair removal, it has no carcinogenic effect.

Laser epilation gives excellent results in people with white skin and dark hair. However, the same results can be obtained by making the necessary dose and time adjustments depending on the color of the skin and hair. Generally, the majority of patients do not feel pain during treatment. However, for people who are likely to feel pain, creams are used before the application and these creams prevent pain. As a result of laser epilation application, it is expected to see redness on the skin. These scars disappear during the healing process. It would be appropriate to perform epilation or other applications with laser systems under the control of trained and experienced specialists. Thus, possible side effects or bad results can be prevented.

Laser hair removal prices are per session. However, when you go to the interview, you should discuss this issue with your doctor. Because the fees may vary according to the applied area, skin type and factors such as the number of sessions.

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