Importance of smile in communication


The importance of smiling in communication.

Smile in body language.

Getting rid of prejudices.

The golden rules of effective communication.

Communication accidents.

Our dialogues are our mirror.

What can a smile do for us?

Smiling gives confidence.

Make a difference with a smile.

Be “aware” to make a difference.

The importance of looking differently.

Smiling makes the other person feel “valuable” and “special”.

People remember their feelings before the service they received.

A smile is the shortest distance between two people.

Smile at Life…


Communication skills, which are very important for success in the business world, are undoubtedly a little more important in the service and sales sector than in any other sector. Because the product sold is basically “satisfaction”. Another factor that complicates the work of the sector is that the satisfaction of the customers receiving service is based on very subjective criteria. However, there is such a magic that; customers, regardless of the quality of the service they receive or their expectations.

It reminds me of it as “great”. The name of this magic is; “Friendly Staff.”

The main goal of the “The Magic of Smile” training, which is based on the knowledge that is very simple but also guarantees success;

Enabling your team to get to know themselves by increasing their emotional intelligence and therefore their relational awareness,

Encouraging them to establish an active, sincere and comfortable relationship,

To motivate towards the same goal in harmony with teammates by adopting the confidence and power of being a Strong Team,

The most important thing is to create a team that cares more about what it does, loves more, and is willing to serve more because it loves it, while keeping a smile on its face as much as possible.

Come and let your team be caught in the “Magic of Smile”; because your business partners will remember their feelings before the service they received… 🙂

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