Implant Treatment in Dentistry

In dentistry, implant is a miraculous treatment that eliminates the necessity of making a bridge in tooth deficiencies or wearing removable dentures in completely-partially edentulous people. Dental implants are screws made of titanium, placed in the jawbone and compatible with tissue. Today, with the development of technology, it can be performed on many patients with advanced systemic diseases.

with local anesthesia (like filling) dental implants are placed in the jawbones. Healing times may vary depending on the implant used and the structure of the bone. During this recovery period, temporary bridges or temporary removable dentures can be used, which will eliminate the worry of being toothless and not being able to eat.

  • Aesthetics in Dentistry

Although aesthetics is a widespread phenomenon today, it is gaining importance in dentistry. In addition to the importance of the health of our teeth, it has become very important to be able to smile freely without hiding our teeth while smiling. In smile design, the person’s face type, gender, character, lip line, and the degree of visibility of the gingiva while smiling gain importance. Although treatments in aesthetic dentistry are specific to individuals, treatment options are clear. Composite fillings (aesthetic fillings)treatments with zirconium veneer, porcelain laminate veneer (leaf porcelain), empress (all porcelain veneers) we can count. Sometimes, only chemical bleaching of the tooth color is sufficient to achieve this aesthetic. However, it should not be forgotten that the most beautiful smile will be the smile with healthy or healthy teeth.

  • Gingivectomy (Excessive Gum Treatment)

While smiling-talking, some people’s gums may appear more than they should, which can cause the person to restrict their smile. However, this condition is treated very easily, painlessly and with a single dentist appointment.

  • Cyst Operations

After unsuccessful root canal treatment or long-term untreated teeth, inflammatory cysts may occur at the root tips. Since they can dissolve the jaw bones, they can also damage anatomical structures such as sinus, nerve, nasal base. Therefore, it must be removed and sent to pathology and the necessary treatment should be applied.

  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Root canal treatment is a miraculous treatment that eliminates the necessity of removing the teeth due to caries, relieves the pain of the person, and allows the inflammation at the root tips to dry.
Gum Treatments i(Periodontal Treatments)
Bleeding, causing bad breath, painful when brushing or not at the level it should be red, swollen, bleeding gums are all treatments that restore health.

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