Implant Application

Implant Application

An implant can be defined as the artificial replacement of a lost tooth. In addition to these single tooth deficiencies, in cases of multiple missing teeth or complete edentulism implantFunctional and aesthetic problems caused by edentulism are eliminated with these applications.

What is an implant (tooth transplant)?

Briefly implant These are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone and made of suitable material in order to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. ( implant=implantat=implantate=false tooth=screw tooth=screw tooth)

Can implants be used in every case?

Whether in the absence of a single tooth or more than one tooth, if implantfor each event, if there is an appropriate amount of bone for insertion implantavailable.

Can each patient be implanted?

implant Screws are structures with a certain thickness and width. Because implantin the area where it is intended to be placed, the jawbone, this implant It must have the height and width to accept the screw. The quality of existing bone implant It is one of the factors affecting its success. In addition, before treatment and implant As long as it stays in the mouth, the gums must be completely healthy. As long as the patient’s general health is good implantThere is no upper age limit to prevent its application, but it may not be preferred to apply to very young patients whose bone development has not been completed.

Will I feel pain when the implant is placed?

No, if appropriate anesthetic methods are used. The procedure can be performed with local anesthesia. Generally implant The pain that may be felt on the evening of insertion can be relieved with simple painkillers. Many patients state that this pain is not different from the pain felt after normal tooth extraction. In cases where the treatment is completed without any problems, you will be so comfortable that you do not even feel the presence of the implants.

Can my prostheses be fitted immediately after the implants are placed?

No. implantDuring the first 3-6 months, which is the healing period, to ensure the complete union of the bones with the bone (Osteointegration). implant loads must be minimized. However, your doctor will restore your function by making a suitable temporary prosthesis during this recovery period.

I want to have an implant, how long is the total treatment time?

implant Today, it is even possible to carry out operations in just half an hour. The total time varies according to the type of operation determined according to your tooth and bone structure.

Is cleaning of implants important?

Yes. It is also very important. Considering that implants are foreign bodies in the mouth, you will appreciate that their cleaning is at least as important as your own teeth, or even more. Cleaning the implants is not difficult, although it requires a certain learning process. However, you need to allocate enough time for this task. What you should not forget is that the most important factor for the success of this type of treatment is regular oral care.

How is the prosthesis placed on the implants?

Prostheses to be made on implants can be of different types depending on the nature of the case. In other words, they can be removed by the patient for easy cleaning, or they can be planned to be removed only by the dentist. Both plans have advantages and disadvantages, and your doctor will explain the design that is suitable for you before your treatment begins.

Is ‘one’ implant required for every missing tooth?

No. How many teeth are required by your dentist according to the number of missing teeth and the desired type of prosthesis? implantrequired is determined.

What happens if the implant screw does not fuse with the bone (not osseointegrated)?

TRUE implant and in the case of using the method, such a possibility is negligible. This type of failure usually occurs within the first 6 months following the surgical operation. In such a case, with a process as easy as tooth extraction. implant must be removed. Following the healing of the bone in this area, a new implant As it can be placed, one of the classical type prostheses can also be preferred. However, usually more than 2 implantIn the cases placed, the remaining implants are sufficient to serve with the redesign of the prosthesis.

What are the risks that can be observed in implant treatment?

There is no risk beyond the risks that can be observed in all surgical procedures, inside or outside the mouth. These may occur as infections and allergies in the early period, and as inflammations due to inadequate oral hygiene in the late period after the completion of the dentures. Smoking increases the risk of infection, especially during early recovery.

What advantages does implant treatment offer in which cases?

a) Patients who have completely lost their teeth in the lower jaw and carry prosthesis: These patients complain of constant pain (knocks) and inability to chew well due to the movement of the prosthesis. This complaint increases over time with the melting of the bone tissue that supports the prosthesis. In this type of patients implanttreatment eliminates all the above complaints and also stops the bone from melting.

b) Patients who have completely lost their teeth in the upper jaw and carry prosthesis:

Although upper prostheses are more stable than lower jaw prostheses, the design of the prosthesis that covers the palate can cause nausea.

c) Patients who have lost some of their teeth in the lower or upper jaw:

The complaints of these patients can be counted as the ugly appearance of the prosthesis attached with hooks, or the necessity of having their healthy teeth cut in order to make a bridge.

d) Patients who have lost a single tooth:

These patients have to sacrifice at least two adjacent teeth for the restoration of a single tooth. Single implantThe placement of the spleen not only saves the neighboring teeth, but also leads to more aesthetic and functional results.

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