Implant Application

Implant Application

Implant is the name given to titanium roots placed in the bone instead of missing permanent teeth. Especially in the last 15 years, dental implants have become very popular both in the world and in our country, and with the increasing number of implant companies and implant techniques, there has been an increase in the number of unsuccessful and complicated patients as well as very successful. First of all, it should be thoroughly investigated whether there is any systemic discomfort in the patient for whom implant planning will be made. We perform implant applications using the product of a reliable and proven company in the most sterile way, with our experience in this field and by making a very good radiological planning.

Implant applications are treatments applied under local anesthesia just like filling applications. It is much easier than tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the extraction of the tooth, which is a hard tissue from the jawbone. Therefore, implant application is a much more polite and easy surgical application.
Anesthesia is the same as the anesthesia used in tooth extraction. Implant application often takes less time than filling. In order to avoid pain and swelling afterwards, taking the necessary medications beforehand, applying ice afterwards, taking medications, not smoking, as recommended by the physician, will make recovery much easier.

You can even go back to work after the implant is applied. Since there is anesthesia during application and there is no adverse application to the tissue, Since the implant is a gentle and gentle application, there is no very uncomfortable situation after the surgical application.

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