What is an implant?
Implants are generally titanium screws placed into the bone. The purpose of placing these screws is to imitate the root of the tooth. After a healing period of about 3 months, porcelain teeth are applied on the implants.

Is implant surgery difficult? Will I feel pain?
The implant procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed only in the area to be implanted and the patient does not feel pain. An implant can be placed in about half an hour.

Are implants healthy? It is said to cause cancer.
Titanium used for implant material is a tissue-friendly material that we call biocompatible. It has been used safely for years in all other branches such as neurosurgery, spinal cord surgery, orthopedics. Implant application has been performed successfully all over the world for about 50 years, no cases of cancer have been reported.

Can implants be applied at any age?
We generally do not perform the implant application before the age of 16-18. From these ages, as long as the patient’s health allows, implants can be made for all age groups.

Which patient groups cannot be implanted?
There is no rule that these patients cannot be implanted. There are diseases in some risk groups such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, heart diseases. In these patients, if the disease is under control, if drugs are used regularly, after consultation with the patient’s doctor, the implant can be performed by taking the necessary precautions.

I was told that my jawbone was insufficient. Can implants be made?
In order for the implant to be placed in the jawbone, we need a bone of a certain thickness and height. With some bone diseases, early tooth extraction, gum diseases and advanced age, loss of our jaw bones occurs. Due to the melting of the bones, our sinuses in the upper jaw and our jaw nerve in the lower jaw appear as obstacles to us in the area where the implant will be made. Bone materials, which we call bone powder, are used to tolerate bone deficiency. These materials are placed with or before the implant, and the implant process is continued after the healing period.

Can a tooth be extracted and implanted immediately?
Yes, the tooth can be extracted and replaced with an implant. However, certain conditions are required for this to be done. There should be no infection in the tooth to be extracted. The implant should be able to be placed in the bone in such a way that it can remain immobile when it is first placed. There must be enough bone to support the implant. If these conditions can be met, extraction and implant operation can be performed at the same time.

Why do we wait to make teeth on it after the implant is made? Can’t it be done right away?
After the implant is placed, there is a waiting period of about 3 months for the healing of the bone tissue, which we call osseointegration, to occur, for the bone to wrap around the implant and to ensure the implant-bone compatibility. However, in single tooth deficiencies, in cases where the bone tissue is very good, we can proceed to the construction of teeth on the implant within a few weeks, depending on the situation.

How long do implants last?
It is not correct to say a time period for implants. We have patients who have been using implants in their mouths for about 30 years. However, the average is below this period. Post-implant patient care is very important. The patient should continue to monitor their oral hygiene carefully and regularly. Alcohol and smoking are other factors that negatively affect implant life.

Is there a quality difference in implants?
Implant treatment is a very current and constantly renewed treatment option. There are hundreds of implant brands available. There are quite a number of implant brands above a certain level. Your doctor will direct you to an appropriate implant brand. However, bone quality and oral health are much more important in the success of implant treatment.

Your advice to those who want to have a Bursa implant?
First of all, you need to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the implant. For this purpose, your physician will first question your health status, ask you for a radiological examination, and request a 3D tomography if necessary. When you plan to have an implant, question whether the environment is suitable in the place, whether the physician is an expert in this business, whether the implants used have the necessary certificates, and the implant brands.

What are the things to consider when getting an implant?
Even though the implant procedure is simple, it is a surgical intervention. It should be done in places where sterility conditions are optimally adjusted. Care should be taken that the person who will make the implant is an expert in this job and has enough experience.

Is my implanted tooth loose?
If the implanted tooth is loose, you should have it checked by the dentist. Sometimes, only the tooth placed on the implant may move, or the healing cap may not be released by attaching it to the implant for a while. In any case, consult your doctor.

There is numbness in the jawbone after the implant.
In our lower jaw, our jaw nerve passes in the lower part of the bone. During the implant procedure, when the implant is placed close to the jaw nerve, numbness may sometimes occur in the jawbone and lips. This is usually temporary. But you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What are implant complications?
The implant is placed in the jaw with a small surgical intervention. Accordingly, complications such as pain, swelling, bleeding, numbness in the jaw and infection may be encountered after the procedure. These complications are considered normal within the first 3 days. You should consult your doctor if you have such complaints that last for a long time.

Where is the implant made in Bursa?
They are required to have implants in health institutions and organizations that have been approved by the Ministry of Health and have completed the relevant certifications. Implants can only be made by Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist, Periodontology Specialist or by experienced dentists who have received their certificates. As Private Mavi Dünya Dental Center, implants are made by our maxillofacial surgeon in our health institution.

What are the implant brands used in Bursa?
Make sure that the implants have TSE, CE, FDA approvals. Learn the implant brand from your dentist. You should choose brands that you can reach when additional material is required for the implant in the long term and that will not cause problems in the supply of parts.

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