What is a Dental Implant?
Implants are artificial titanium tooth roots placed in the jawbone to replace teeth lost for various reasons. While implants provide better speech and chewing function than traditional veneers and prostheses, they also bring a natural appearance to your face. Implant is a comfortable and reliable application. The operation can be performed under local anesthesia without any pain or discomfort. General anesthesia can also be applied when necessary.

Implant Advantages

The prostheses made after the treatment form the closest structure to the natural tooth. Implant prostheses provide better chewing and speaking functions than traditional prostheses. Implant prostheses have a much more aesthetic appearance than other prostheses. Thanks to the implant, the missing tooth can be eliminated without touching the adjacent healthy teeth. It provides an increase in prosthesis retention in people who use total prosthesis supported by implants.

After Treatment

After implant applications, which is a frequently used treatment method in recent years, many patients can return to social life on the same day. For prostheses to be made on the implant, which is the second stage of implant treatment, it is necessary to wait 2-4 months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone after the operation.

Worth Everything

Although dental implants are known as an expensive treatment at first glance, you will once again realize that it is the most correct and satisfactory solution, considering the comfort it provides, the aesthetic appearance, the prosthesis made without damaging the neighboring teeth, and many other advantages.

A Life With My Implant

It has been observed that the length of the implants remained uneventful in the mouth. However, there are many factors that affect the longevity of implants. The first of these is how much the patient attaches importance to oral hygiene. With the right oral care, your implants will allow you to laugh, talk and eat comfortably for life.

Who should do it?

Not every patient can be implanted. Sometimes it is better not to have implants at all. It will not be right to apply implants to people with poor general health, people with bad habits, people whose jawbone structure is not suitable.

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