Implant treatment

Tooth loss due to dental caries or periodontal (gum diseases) that has occurred over the years affects patients negatively in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

What is an implant?

The concept of osteointegration, which is considered the basis of oral implantology, is based on the microscopic studies performed by Branemak in 1952 on the bone healing of rabbit bones. The concept of osteointegration emerged as a result of the studies carried out in the 1960s. Osteointegration has been defined as a direct structural and functional connection between living bone tissue and the implant surface.

Dental implants are structures that are generally made of titanium and titanium alloys placed in the jawbone.

Jaw Cysts

What are Jaw Cysts?

It is divided into two as tooth-borne and non-dental origin.

Tooth-derived ones are pathological (unhealthy) cavities that contain air, fluid or pus in the abnormal growth and expansion of the cells involved during the formation of the tooth and the development of the tooth structure.

Non-dental ones are caused by abnormal cell migration or abnormal cell proliferation during the formation of the jaws and facial skeleton.

Jaw cysts treatment

It is the surgical removal of the cyst under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the size and aggressiveness of the cyst.


What is an impacted tooth?

These are teeth that cannot be driven into the mouth due to pathological or various reasons and remain in the bone. Eating preferences that have changed with the discovery of fire by human beings have become softer and easier to chew than foods that are hard and difficult to chew. For this reason, the growth and expansion of the jaw bones were restricted and the teeth could not drive into the mouth and remained embedded in the bone.

Impacted teeth cause destruction to the roots of neighboring teeth, caries, cyst formation and crowding problems in the teeth.

Treatment of Impacted Teeth

It is the surgical removal of the tooth under local anesthesia.

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