Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone. It is performed to provide aesthetics and function without disturbing the integrity of adjacent teeth in the absence of a single tooth or more than one tooth. Implants are made to increase prosthesis retention in patients who use total dentures and have lost all their teeth. It is placed in an easy surgical procedure under regional anesthesia. It is expected between 3 and 6 months for the fusion between the implant and the bone. In some special cases, a tooth can be placed on the implant immediately.

Is the implant reliable?

The titanium element used in the construction of the implants is a metal that does not react with the tissue and has good compatibility. Implants, which have been used in traumatology and orthopedics for many years, have been used successfully in dentistry since the 1970s. It is possible to increase the success rate to 95% with correct planning, precise surgical technique, perfect sterilization, meticulous prosthetic superstructure and good care.

Stages of Implant Application:


During the examination phase, with a detailed intraoral examination, conditions such as gums, the relationship of the lower and upper jaws and teeth are examined. The number of implants to be applied and the prosthesis to be made on the size type implants are determined in advance. In addition to classical radiographs, three-dimensional tomography is taken in complicated cases and the same size model of the jaw is obtained in a special device, and the areas where the implants will be placed are planned with minimum error.


The operation should be carried out by a specialist in the work. The physician who will make the prosthesis should also participate in the operation and help the application to be carried out as planned. Implant placement is done with local anesthesia like other dental treatments. The incision is made over the gingiva, and the socket is opened in the bone where the implant will be placed with appropriate instruments. The implant is placed in this socket using special tools. The procedure takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of implants to be applied.

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