Immune shield: purple cabbage

Also known as red cabbage, purple cabbage will be a vegetable that you will want to consume a lot when you read about its benefits. If you want, make the salad or eat the pickle. Here are the benefits of purple cabbage, which strengthens the immune system and defies diseases.

The immune system is a system that is necessary to fight germs. This system prevents microbes from entering the body or prevents the spread of microbes entering the body. A healthy immune system makes a person feel good, energetic and healthy. As sunny weather is gradually replaced by rainy and cool days, most people are faced with the disease. Along with the fact that most people are sick, the spread of germs more and more causes many people with weak immune systems to get sick. In this period, the way to protect ourselves from diseases is to strengthen our immune system. While it is very important that you adopt an adequate and balanced diet in order to strengthen your immune system, you can also get support from some foods. One of them is purple cabbage, which has many benefits not only for the immune system, but also for the body.


• Purple cabbage is a very important food for fiber consumption, which is an important point for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

• Purple cabbage is also effective in curing headaches. It can be used by compressing the head.

• Purple cabbage contains sulfur. In this way, it is effective in renewing the skin and in the treatment of acne.

• The antioxidant capacity of each color is different. Contains powerful antioxidants of purple cabbage color. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it is effective in reducing the risk of stroke.

• Consumption of purple cabbage has the effect of preventing the formation of stomach and intestinal cancer.

• Thanks to the antioxidants and other substances in its content, purple cabbage, which has an effect on accelerating blood flow, also has positive effects on vascular health.

• With its low calorie and high vitamin C content, purple cabbage also has positive effects on weight loss.

• Purple cabbage, which has high vitamin K content, also has positive effects on brain functions.

• Thanks to the anthocyanin substance in its content, it may also have positive effects on the repair of damaged parts of the nervous system.

• It is effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases that increase in winter. It can be consumed as an expectorant.




One round purple cabbage
rock salt
1 cup of organic grape vinegar
4 cloves of garlic
water and jar


The purple cabbage is well washed and chopped. The chopped cabbages are rubbed with rock salt. It takes about 1-2 hours. It is then filled into the jar. Garlic is added. Vinegar, water and a little salt are mixed and added to the jar. It is kept in the fridge for a few days by closing the mouth. Make sure that the vinegar you use does not contain any preservatives. Be careful to use organic vinegar. If you are experiencing ailments such as edema and blood pressure problems, you should be careful while consuming pickles. Purple cabbage is a food that should be consumed with caution for people with thyroid disease. If you have any health problems, you should consult your specialist and consume it.

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