Imagine! Learning to Dream!

When you think of dreaming and teaching children to dream, you may think of the magical power of the game. Because as we always say, the game is magic. Play is the child’s language and is the most important learning tool. Mind-enhancing games carefully bought by mothers, organized playrooms, video games where fathers can go back and recapture their childlike excitement, fun park/street games, dough designs, pictures drawn by our children, imaginary games played with their toys… Yes, you may have thought of all of these and more. And of course, I have no objection to all these sharings you made together, but today I want to talk about something a little simpler, a little different. Something unplanned, impromptu, rather haphazard, spontaneous and exciting…Dreaming together! Daydreaming… But it’s not just dreaming about the holiday you’re going to, nor is it an organized and themed birthday. It is not a dream of a new toy you will buy over the weekend.

We love our children very much and we try to include all kinds of information, people and materials that contribute to their development. However, in our daily life, we load so much information and offer such a planned and limited life that imagination and creativity, which are one of the most important areas we need to nurture, may be limited to painting and artistic works. Our dialogues consist of rules, things to be done, information to be learned and questions that control their responsibilities. Why is brushing teeth important? Did you have a good day at school today? Are the assignments complete? What does he want to be when he grows up? Want to play a musical instrument? What sport is he interested in? Want to go to the course? How long should I watch cartoons? He must read the book and act according to the rules. We could extend this list further, but I was bored while writing it. However, what can your child, who was born with a great potential, at the peak of his imagination and creativity, do? What can you do about it? I think let’s focus on this question a little bit.

Have you ever been a colored pencil and colored the cars passing by in your mind? Have you made friends with a stone and chatted with it while swimming in the sea? Bored at sea? Have any friends? Is he happy to let the children swim in the sea? Is she upset? Do you get bored when the winter season comes? Want to live on the beach or at the bottom of the sea? Have you dreamed of these? You can talk to them while lying down, walking, in the car, watching movies, when you wake up in the morning, anytime, anywhere. For example, have you dreamed of living in the forest together? Being a tree, a plant, or living in a small cottage in the forest… Design a planet or an imaginary friend! What would their names be? Which cartoon would you like to get into and be involved in the story there? Would you like to wake up as a new person every new day? There is no limit to questions and conversations, it’s up to your and your child’s imagination.

Our children can learn anything through imitation and experience. Early or late! He learns at his own pace, but surely. If you want to contribute to their learning, I say start by dreaming, because those who are happy, those who find solutions without giving up when faced with difficulties, those who design the future and contribute to the world we live in will be our children who can dream and have no limits to their dreams.

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