I’m very worried and I can’t help this situation. What should I do?

My dear readers; Although uncertainties are seen as a pit that drags human life into darkness, it is still in your hands to turn this pit into an opportunity. Human beings, by nature, always live in curiosity and hope. At the end of this hope, good or bad, “so what now?” Uncertainty breeds anxiety.

Anxiety is a state of intense fear and panic in the face of an event or situation. When the factor that triggers this anxiety disappears, the state of fear and panic ends. However, if the anxiety persists despite the removal of the triggering factor and prevents the person from performing even his/her daily functions, it can be said that there is an anxiety disorder problem.

It is expected that an individual will be afraid and worried when he is restricted or faced with a stressful situation. Anxiety and the accompanying fear are a normal response of our body to danger. However, if it has started to affect our lives, emotions and actions to a large extent, it is a harbinger of anxiety disorder, which shows that it has gone beyond what was expected.

Of course, the symptoms observed in the person are not only fear and panic. Along with; nervous and tense mood, restlessness, constantly thinking that something bad will happen, sudden heartbeats, the thought of danger or disaster, excessive worry and alertness at all times, sweating during anxiety, difficulty in breathing, headache and muscle pain, falling asleep Difficulty or frequent jumping-ups can also occur during anxiety.

Our body also shows physical symptoms in response to this psychological anxiety disorder. For this reason, many anxiety patients think that it is a physical disease until they are diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which is a mental problem, and they visit doctor to doctor and visit many hospitals.

Anxiety disorder is a disorder that can be treated and can be reduced to a normal level by taking it under control between 6-8 sessions if help from a specialist is sought.


In the moment of anxiety;

Stand up, keep your body upright and control your breathing

Focus on the present moment, not the future or a few minutes later.

Consciously remind yourself that there is nothing to worry about.

Repeat that the situation you are experiencing is a temporary situation specific to the moment and you can control it.

Replenish your dry mouth and energy with a glass of water or high-protein foods by avoiding sugary foods in times of anxiety.

Reach out to your relatives to share your anxious thoughts with them and get ideas (voicing thoughts out loud will gain new perspectives)

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