If you’re breathing don’t be afraid to try

In that first moment when we open our eyes to the world, we start to struggle with life without knowing how much life has been given. So how much of it do we live by ourselves and chase our own dreams? I want you to sit back and be alone with this question for a while. Yes, ask yourself: Who are you? What are your ideals? How satisfied are you with the life you live?

There is no repetition of today, stop pleasing life. May life please you. Love and value your self. This life is yours and it is in your hands to live it in the best way possible. Of course there will be ups and downs, of course you will be sad, sometimes you will lose, but when you lose, you will not forget the lessons you learned. Don’t despair, nobody’s life is moving on a flat ground, if you’re breathing, you still have a chance.

Live life simply, don’t expect, don’t expect invitations, don’t ask for love, do these things without expecting anything in return, but don’t expect them to do it just because you did it. Learn to be self-sufficient.

Don’t be afraid to be a good person! See goodness not to find goodness, but as the charity of your beautiful heart and do it for it. Remember, only selfish people expect what they have done in return. Don’t be selfish, be sharing. No matter what anyone says, do them for free. I did a favor, don’t say it’s your turn now. But don’t over-give and tell yourself that you can say no when appropriate.

Don’t try to be perfect. You exist with your faults and mistakes. No one has to understand you or you don’t have to understand everyone. Mistakes teach us about life, and years later they are called experience. Love the mistakes that made you you.

Don’t worry about always being right. Accept that you may be wrong when appropriate. It is difficult to be both right and happy. Sometimes we have to give up our love of being right in order to be happy.

Don’t try to be what’s not. Let it go with the flow of life. Try not to wait for the beauties, but to live life with your own beauties.

If there is peace in your life, it means you are breathing. Or if you haven’t found peace, you’re still forgetting that you’re breathing. Don’t ask for peace from your surroundings, build it yourself. Because peace is within oneself, don’t wait for others to bring it out, find the peace within and set it free.

Don’t be vague, know to stand behind whatever you decide. Remember, even if the outcome is bad, you should not regret it because you are an individual with ideas and the choice you make is yours. Congratulate yourself for not being indecisive.

When a person reaches the end of his life as ‘not living his dreams’, he feels an endless regret. If this is regret; It creates a great void that contains the words he didn’t say, the risks he didn’t take, the opportunities he missed and what he couldn’t do. While the most valuable thing, property, and many other worldly treasures can be filled or forgotten over time, some regrets and regrets are not only haunted, but also gnaw at the heart day by day. The sentence that remains on the palm afterward is “this could not have been so”. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY.

Let me tell you a secret! Life is long enough to make your dreams come true. Just start somewhere.

Let your heart be your route, stay with love.

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