If you want to raise a happy and healthy child…

Mentioning the role of the family in the upbringing of the child, Psychologist Ceren Yağcıköseoğlu said that every child needs his father at least as much as his mother.

Emphasizing the impact of mothers on children, Ceren Yağcıköseoğlu said, “Fathers should also be given the opportunity to help mothers in raising children,” arguing that a one-sided approach may cause inadequacy in the education of the child and in shaping his behavior.

Drawing attention to the fact that raising the child only under the control of the mother may cause negative effects on the mental health of the mother, Psychologist Yağcıköseoğlu made the following assessment: “The meanings that Turkish society imposes on women show that they should have many roles beyond being an individual. A woman is actually a mother, a housewife, a working woman, In our society, she is an individual who produces and needs to be strong. As the roles of women increase, we see that the place, identity and roles of women change constantly and this change creates a psychological imbalance. Mothers think that they are doing it wrong by constantly questioning what they are. It will help them cope with the feelings of failure and guilt they experience. In addition, in the care and upbringing of the child, the child needs the father as much as the mother needs. Fathers should also be given the opportunity to help mothers in raising children.

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