If you can’t lose weight despite dieting all the time, could it be because of your intestinal flora?

Intestines also act as a barrier in our body against toxins, apart from tasks such as digestion and absorption. However, intestinal permeability increases with the deterioration of flora, decrease in probiotics, increase in pathogenic bacteria, environmental factors, stress and malnutrition. Tight junctions in the intestines are opened. The increase in permeability in the intestines causes the decrease in probiotics, the inability to digest foods sufficiently, and the passage of undigested food residues into the blood.

In this case, our body’s immune system is stimulated and the body begins to attack its own tissues. And it can cause the development of some autoimmune diseases (such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

– weight gain, difficulty losing weight

-increased toxin load in the body (disruption of detox mechanisms)

– disturbances in digestion and absorption of nutrients

-chronic fatigue

– food intolerance (gluten casein etc.)

– inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis etc.)

-depression/attention deficit is also seen.

An increase in harmful (pathogenic) bacteria/fungi can increase the cravings for constant eating and sugar!

Candida is also normally found in the body, but in some cases, the deterioration of the flora may increase as an opportunistic pathogen. For example, if you are experiencing problems such as chronic constipation, persistent swelling, edema, recurrent vaginal fungus, excessive sweet cravings, there may be an increase in candida. If there is an increase in Candida
Proper nutrition practices and supplements will both accelerate your weight loss and help solve your problems such as constipation, edema, fatigue. Since Candida feeds on sugar, the first thing to do should be to remove floury and sugary foods from your life. You should definitely add probiotic/fermented foods to your diet (such as homemade yogurt, kefir, pickle vinegar)

Coconut oil is very effective in reducing candida. 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil can be added to drinkable meals every day.

Bone broths can help you lose weight by repairing your leaky gut!

Causes such as chronic constipation, diarrhea, prolonged use of antibiotics may cause increased intestinal permeability. If you have intestinal permeability, the foods cannot be digested enough, resulting in a deficiency in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Bone broths, which are a good source of collagen, can be preferred to repair damaged intestinal tissue. You can find out if you have intestinal permeability with some special intestinal flora tests.

Reducing the increased toxin load and helping the liver detox accelerate your weight loss!!

Correcting leaky gut prevents the passage of toxins from the gut to the body. And it supports liver detox. In addition, some foods that increase glutathione should be added to the diet to help the liver during detox. Glutathione is the antioxidant that the liver uses most when detoxing. To increase glutathione, choosing foods with high cysteine ​​content is the easiest and cheapest detox method. Whey that you can prepare at home is one of the best sources of cysteine. Consumption of garlic, broccoli and asparagus also increases glutathione.

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