If there is a genetic predisposition to heart disease

Genetic predisposition, which is a factor in many diseases, can be understood with tests. But to the tests
should apply the necessary protective methods, taking into account the tips.
One of the first degree relatives of a person, such as mother, father, sibling, etc.
The high probability of the disease occurring in that person is explained by genetic predisposition.
As in many diseases, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease caused by it
There is a genetic predisposition. Same goes for diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fats.
as well as for coronary heart disease risk factors.

For this reason, we, doctors, before examining our patients, ask our questions.
We investigate whether the person has a genetic predisposition. In mothers, fathers and siblings, sugar
disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stent and bypass application,
he asks if there is heart failure, sudden death; We record whether there is or not.
The more people in the family, the more risk or disease there is, the more genetic predisposition.
It’s as powerful a work as it is.

Those who have a genetic predisposition should not have a serious complaint at the time, but should be dealt with seriously.
Even if no disease is detected at that time, they should be called for more frequent control.
In addition, it should be explained that these people should more strictly comply with healthy living conditions.
They should be made aware of the necessary exercise program and nutrition,
It should be emphasized that they should stay away from cigarettes and similar harmful substances.
Natural Bypass Treatment with EECP in patients with high risk due to genetic predisposition
It is a useful treatment for prevention. from the waist down, in harmony with the heart rhythm
This treatment, which is applied as a rhythmic massage, both expands the vessels and reduces the vascular network.
It enriches the veins and also shows a protective effect against arteriosclerosis.
Thus, against the negative effect of genetic predisposition, Natural Bypass Therapy with EECP is beneficial.
effects will protect the heart and blood vessels of high-risk patients.

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