If Eating Is Troublesome

Do not insist on the child refusing to eat. Investigate the reason for not eating.

* Each child has the amount of food to eat. Don’t give more than you can eat.

* Take care to eat at the same time and sitting at the table with all family members.

* Do not give snacks such as chocolate, chips before the meal.

* 10-15 min. notify in advance of meal time. The child immersed in the game may not realize that he is hungry and may say that he does not want to eat.

* Make sure that the meal time is stress-free.

* During the meal, do not talk about sad and disturbing events, do not talk about their mischief, do not discuss.

* Give him the opportunity to learn that eating is a natural need. Do not insist on eating. Do not engage in wrong attitudes such as begging, trying to persuade, offering bribes. The child can use food to achieve their desires.

* Do not be sensitive about your child’s weight and the amount he eats. Children sense this and may become stubborn.

* Tell him to wait until the next meal if he hasn’t finished his meal, and don’t give him anything to eat until the next meal.

* Get rid of the thought that eating a few meals less can cause weight loss.

* From the age of 2.5-3, give him the opportunity to eat on his own.

* Be understanding towards your child who chooses food. Try to find other foods that can replace that food. Offer the foods that he should take in different forms.

* Do not criticize and punish your child for choosing food, eating slowly, spilling and spilling while eating.

* Bringing books, toys to the table during meals, and trying to entertain the child negatively affect the acquisition of eating habits. If the meal time is a time when the parents are very interested in the child, the eating time will gradually get longer and the child will wait for them at every meal.

* Tv. Do not feed it in front of him, do not let him eat. The child eats without knowing what he eats, how much he eats, whether he is full or not.

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