“I Want to Quit Smoking”

With the effect of the recently added price hikes, the idea of ​​quitting smoking may have started to appeal to you more than ever. In this article, I will share some of the techniques on what you can do to quit smoking. I’m starting my article by reminding you that working with a specialist (psychiatrist or clinical psychologist) can help you get through this process in a healthier way.

I quit smoking and started again. Can I quit smoking again?

You may have tried to quit smoking before and didn’t use it for a few months/years, then maybe with the influence of your friends, maybe during a conversation or when you were stressed, you might have started again by saying “this is my first and last smoke after a long time” and continued this escapade. This situation may have caused you to lose your motivation and may have reminded you of phrases such as “I will not be able to quit again”. At this point, we give ourselves a big Stop we should say. First of all, we should keep in mind that no matter how long our addictions have been with us, in life they are not ours but we are their masters.

In this case, listing the situations and life events that caused you to quit smoking and start again, and to watch them by being aware of your own feelings and thoughts will be one of the important factors preventing recurrence. For example, you may be feeling very stressed before you start smoking again.

Methods to Take Control in Quitting Smoking

Self-Awareness and Control: Self-control is the way we think about wanting to quit smoking and our behavior to quit. conscious awareness It is the part where it joins with ”. It includes parts where we list and become aware of how many cigarettes we smoke per day, where and when we most desire to smoke. This makes us smoke “automatic”It allows us to look at this situation with a clear focus.

Self-Control: The prepared list is looked at again and the parts that you cannot do without smoking are determined. For example, even if you give up the first cigarette you smoke in the morning during the day, the cigarette you smoke after dinner at the start of therapyIt is a situation where you cannot stop drinking and it is added to the list.

Contracting: Contracting is a powerful motivational technique. Even if you have multiple gains in quitting smoking, it does not neglect to add a new one. In therapy, a contract can be prepared to reinforce your motivation to quit smoking and contribute to your adherence to the plans you have made.

Paying the Price: The Cognitive Behavioral theory of smoking cessation behaviorist “I think the point is the payment method. This method basically consists of paying a certain amount of money for each smoked cigarette when the planned smoking right is passed (For example, we have the right to smoke 5 cigarettes per day and we smoked 7 that day). you don’t likeIt is based on investing in a place or institution.

Source: Kent University Clinical Psychology MSc, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Lecture Notes

Daily Planning and Healthy Living

We have succeeded in applying our methods and getting away from cigarettes, or at least let’s say we are trying. Here, the concept of discipline and the necessity of maintaining the healthy life we ​​have decided come into play. To achieve this, it may be advisable to create daily plans and replace the activities that you associate with smoking with “healthy” ones. For example, if you remember smoking when you meet up with your friend for coffee and chat, you could try going for a walk or a dance class together instead!

Remember, although nicotine is a physically and psychologically addictive substance, when you start to get over the psychological part, your physical desire will decrease after a while compared to the past. The best way to regulate habits is to replace our negative behaviors with positive ones and increase the frequency of positive ones.

You can give yourself small rewards to increase the frequency of positive behavior, but ultimately what is desired is the development of intrinsic motivation and seeing “not smoking” as a reward.

I wish you success in this journey where you can keep your motivation and remember that you can return to a healthy life at any time even when you feel that you have lost control.

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