I have a headache tonight, bed myth or reality?

Headaches are one of humanity’s biggest problems. Everyone experiences a severe headache at some point in their life. One out of every 360 headaches can be caused by sex. “I have a headache tonight!” This turned out to be untrue, even assuming that the phrase was mostly spoken by women when they didn’t want to have sex. Studies have shown that men, like women, may have headaches before, during or after sexual intercourse. In addition, headaches during sexual activities can be a sign of a very dangerous condition in terms of health. However, headaches that occur during sexual intercourse are not taken into account, and the number of people who apply to a doctor for this is very low. However, a severe headache that occurs suddenly during sexual activities can come to the fore as a sign of bleeding in the brain, these pains do not go away after sexual intercourse, they can last for days, and can lead to cerebral palsy or even death.

Headaches that occur before, during or after sexual intercourse can be a sign of a dangerous situation, and may even lead to death. While it is stated that a severe headache may occur during sexual intercourse, although rare, severe headaches that occur suddenly during ejaculation may indicate a vascular ballooning in the brain or rupture of the vascular clump. Since this condition, which is called sexual headache, may be the first messenger of the risk of cerebral hemorrhage and sudden death, a physician should be consulted for neurological investigations. It is worth noting that sexual headaches can be seen more frequently in those who have migraine in themselves or in a family member. Even masturbation can cause sexual headaches. That’s why the ‘I have a headache tonight bed myth’ may be true for some


During sexual intercourse, heart rate and blood pressure increase and headaches may occur as a result. Headaches can be triggered by coughing, exercise and sexual intercourse, these are a kind of effort-related headaches. If the person has aversion to their partner or is angry or upset with him, he will be stressed, stress can trigger a headache and sexual intercourse can turn into a nightmare, these are stress-related headaches.


There are two types of headaches associated with sexual intercourse. The first type, which we call benign sexual headaches, which does not have an underlying brain disease, does not cause a permanent disease and does not pose a life-threatening condition. Although it can affect both men and women, unlike migraine, it can be seen more frequently in men. It can occur between the ages of 20-40, that is, at the age of intense sexual activity. Benign sexual headaches, whose pain intensifies as sexual activity and excitement increase, can occur on both sides of the head and neck before or during ejaculation or orgasm. It can also start with masturbation. It can take a few minutes, or it can take hours. It can be very uncomfortable and often limits or terminates sexual intercourse. Those who experience pain may avoid sexual intercourse with the fear that it may happen again. When the pain starts, ending the relationship before ejaculation can relieve the pain. These types of headaches are thought to be caused by the contraction of the muscles or the dilation of the vessels. The second type, sexual headaches that occur for the first time during sexual intercourse, are described by patients as the worst headache they have ever experienced in their lives. Therefore, it is considered a serious emergency until shown otherwise. Because this type of headache is usually due to an acute cerebral hemorrhage as a result of the rupture of an abnormal vessel, can be life-threatening, and require urgent evaluation and treatment.


It is necessary to consult a physician in order to be conscious of sexual headaches and to seek medical help when necessary. “Physicians first listen to the patient, then examine them, if there is a suspicious situation, they make a tomographic examination and an appropriate treatment is planned according to the results. Normal examination and examinations eliminate the risk of life, but the disturbing and sexually limiting effect of pain can continue. In fact, experiencing pain and therefore limiting sexual relations can lead to very important relational problems. That’s why treatment is needed no matter what. Sexual headaches usually go away on their own. However, when the headache is prolonged, it may be necessary to take simple painkillers. If headaches are frequent and bothersome, anti-headache medications can be used before intercourse. If you only have pain in the neck or the back of the head, movements to relax the neck muscles or massage may work. Gradually increasing sexual activity and sexual excitement can also be beneficial. Since sexual headaches can occur more easily during tired and stressful periods, in uncomfortable positions or when having intercourse more than once with short breaks, these situations should be avoided, sometimes it may be necessary to avoid sexual intercourse for a few weeks. In fact, it can be beneficial to reduce stress, lose weight, exercise and take a more passive role in sexual intercourse, change the posture or position that is always applied during intercourse, and avoid extra sexual activity or activities on the same day in sexual headaches.

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