I accept myself…

Your way of dealing with life was considered strange by others when you were a little boy, and if you were viewed as odd, for a while your submissive schema tells you it’s true. You start to see yourself as “flawed” now. It’s the same as a child with autism who sees everyone as a “weird, problematic, weird kid”. You accept it because you can’t erase that judgment in people’s eyes. However, you can’t erase your own way of coping with life. Because it is a part of you. You continue to deal with life by using the same method without showing it to anyone in secret. Then, one day, your way of coping with life begins to gain the appreciation and applause of others, like a young person with autism winning the university, a schizophrenic artist producing good works, or a paranoid author writing books as thick as an encyclopedia that can be read in one breath. This time you question yourself again. He once said to you, “What a pity!” those who look at it with their eyes now say, “oooo… He is a great genius! It was just because he was so smart!” They begin to see through their eyes. What they once saw and showed as a “flaw” in you, now they see it as a “talent” and show it to you as well. However, you don’t want to be criticized or praised for the way you deal with life. Let them neither put you in the ground nor take you to the sky. The only thing you’re looking for is a CLEAN ACCEPTANCE!

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