‘The greatest good that can be done to people is to teach them to use their minds.’


Real name; Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, was born in Paris on January 15, 1622, is one of the greatest comedy writers of French literature. While revealing the ridiculous and unpleasant aspects of society in his works in the comedy genre; it both made people laugh and secretly aimed to educate the society. Moliere in the comedy ‘Illness Sick’; individuals who suffer from delusional illness, who abuse their profession; while discussing how it is exploited by stingy, dishonest doctors and pharmacists; He also referred to marriages based on interest.

Le Malade Imaginaire – Ill Sick

Ignorant and very wealthy Argan, who believes that he has a fatal disease, interprets the slightest symptoms in his body as the harbinger of a bad disease, but feels the fear of being face to face with death at any moment. Fed by her weakness, her Doctor Monsieur Purgon and Pharmacist Monsieur Fleurant abused their profession and found the most powerful way to exploit Argan’s money by making her believe that she is on the verge of a deadly disease. Using Latin words, they looked very knowledgeable to Argan and told him that he had many diseases that needed to be treated, and even though they gave him drugs, they disturbed his body and soul balance. (Skepticism Scheme overcompensation- Opportunistic Mode; one overcompensation for belief that people are bad is to abuse people’s trust ). Argan, who is worried about his deadly disease, has been troubled to make enough enemas by using the drugs given to heal the disease in his intestines. (This situation that Argan is in is called ‘Illness Anxiety Disorder’ in DSM-V. Argan, who interprets even normal physical symptoms as a harbinger of a bad illness, also has high levels of anxiety in health-related issues. The effect of the pessimism scheme here is the belief that the worst disease will come on its own, while the effect of the Medical-Fulility Scheme is a strong belief that one cannot cope with the feared diseases and a feeling of helplessness.)

Toinette is the kind-hearted maid of the house and a very intelligent woman. Knowing that Argan is not sick enough, that her second wife is with him for Argan’s money, she is deceiving him with nice sweet words. She is a sharp-tongued person with a strong sense of humor. Although his brave words cause him to be constantly insulted by Argan, he is looking for a way to save Argan from the situation he is in. She is also the biggest confidant of Argan’s only daughter Angelique.

Doctor lover Argan wants to marry his only daughter Angelique to Monsieur Purgon’s nephew Thomas Diafoirus, whom they have decided together with his Doctor Monsieur Purgon and Pharmacist Monsieur Fleurant. Just in this process, Angelique lost her heart to a good-hearted noble boy named Cleante, whom she met at the theater. Unfortunately, Argan’s own wishes and interests prevent her from marrying the man she fell in love with. Argan wants her daughter to marry the person she wants and expresses this with these words: My aim is this: Since I am a sick, disabled man, I find a doctor groom for myself, provide scientific help against my disease as close relatives to the physicians, and have the source of the drugs needed for my body at home. Thus, I want to be examined and have a prescription written as much as I want.” (The Opportunistic Mode- Righteousness schema, which emerged under the influence of the Persistence Scheme, do not force your daughter into a marriage she does not want.)

On the other hand, Argan’s wife, Beline, whom he values ​​very much; While he treats Argan like a little child with his sweet, warm and compassionate words, his real desire is to put all her wealth on himself; she is a dishonest, bargain, money-hunter woman. But Argan, who is blindfolded, cannot see them. In order to achieve her goals comfortably, Beline kindly asks Argan to confine Angelique to the monastery as soon as possible. (In the face of Argan’s illness, the false compassion she sees by Beline is a secondary gain from her illness. Thus, Argan claims her illness to satisfy her emotional need. Emotional deprivation scheme-overcompensation)

Thomas Diafoirus, chosen by Argan as his groom, is a rather goofy man who could not put two words together, managed to become a doctor as a result of his father’s intense efforts, and tried to persuade Angelique to marry with half-hearted words. Angelique only has one on her mind. Cleante, whom he fell in love with. Angelique reveals all her heartache to her confidant, Toinette. Toinette realizes that she has to do something, but she can’t afford to fight all this alone. Until Argan’s brother Beralde enters the scene. Beralde; He is intelligent and well-intentioned. She cooperates with Toinette to both reunite her nephew with the man she fell in love with and to save her brother from the clutches of the doctor and pharmacist, who economically exploited him by giving him a lot of medicine and making him believe that he was sick. Argan tells Angelique that she wants either to agree to marry Thomas or to confine her to the convent. (the possibility that her daughter will not do what she wants activates the schema surrender of the Punishment Scheme within her).Beralde can’t let her niece live a life she doesn’t want and gives the following speech. “For God’s sake, what do you expect from giving it to a doctor’s son?… A groom that will work for himself, my brother who is useless for his daughter… But will you remain a doctor and pharmacist patient for a lifetime?… The least sick among the men I know you are the one. If I was as healthy as you, I wouldn’t want anything else. If you want proof that you’re like a radish, I’ll give it to you. Despite all the treatments you have applied so far, you still have not succeeded in spoiling your health, and you are also maintaining your strength.” (Beralde is the healthy adult voice of the game).Upon these words, Argan tells what his doctor told him: “If I don’t look at you for three days, you will die.” said (Argan, who surrendered to the fear of disease and completely trusts his doctor; Submission of Invulnerability Scheme – Skepticism Scheme, is experiencing his surrender). According to Beralde, such physicians do not understand diseases, but literature and deceiving people. Beralde says: If you leave the body to itself, it will free itself from the sluggish side over time. It is our own delusion, our haste, that makes everything worse; almost no one dies from the disease. Many become victims of drugs they have taken with their own hands.”Argan finds his own body so unstable that he does not want Beralde to even speak of the Moliere theater (Moliere also mentioned the people who waged war on him here) and told him, “I will get sick because of you.” (Delivery of Persistence Scheme) He replies with his words. Thereupon, Beralde brought the issue to her only niece and advised her brother to marry the person she loved of her own free will, while her pharmacist, Monsieur Fleurant, brought the enema medicine to Argan. Beralde, on the other hand, did not use the drug so that she could see that she could make an enema without medication, after which Monsieur Fleurant told Argan’s disobedience to Dr. He forwarded it to Monsieur Purgon. He came in a fury and got angry with Argan for his disobedience. Although Argan tried to explain that he was not the one who refused the drug, Monsieur Purgon severed all ties from Argan, including kinship ties. Even though Argan accepted treatment to remedy the situation, Monsieur Purgon, I was going to save you from this ailment. Your stomach and intestines were going to be cleaned, crying out, saying that he stopped the treatment as a punishment for not using the drugs he gave, and it would come to the point where it wouldn’t be treated in 3-4 days and goes. (words of Monsieur Purgon to punish Argan for his disobedience: The Scheme of Punishment is Schema surrender): Then Argan: “ My god! I’m dead, you destroyed me, brother!.. I can’t bear it anymore! I seem to feel that scientific medicine has already taken its revenge… My dear brother, haven’t you heard that the man is frightening me with what terrible diseases?(Argan, who thinks she deserves to be punished for her mistake, surrendered to the Punitive Scheme)In contrast, Beralde “… Anyone who takes your word thinks that his life will be lengthened and shortened in the hands of the man as he wishes. Make up your mind! You will live to the maturity given to you.” ( again with a healthy adult voice). Upon these conversations, Maid Toinette and Beralde play a trick on Argan to show that everything the dishonest doctors say is not true. Toinette comes on stage as a traveling physician and talks to Argan. While Argan enumerates his symptoms, Toinette invents new disease names. In the end, she says, one of the arms and one of the eyes must be cut off so that the other doesn’t get her food. This is the first time for Argan to be excessive. “It will cut off one of my arms, take out one eye, relax my other arm and my other eye! Let my other arm and my other eye be so comfortable! What a surgery that will leave me with one arm and one eye!”says. (This is Argan’s first healthy adult voice) Thus, Argan learns not to do everything the fake doctors say. Beralde complains about her wife as much as she complains about the doctors and pharmacists who deceived her. Because he knows that his wife is deceiving him with nice words. Thereupon, Toinette found a way to show how much his wife loved him and planned a game involving Argan. According to the game, Argan will pretend to be dead, and Toinette will tell this to his wife, Beline. After Argan accepted the game, Beline’s evil plans came to light and she said: “A thousand thanks to you, God! A load has been lifted from me. What a fool you are, Toinette, is your death such a pity?… What happened when he died? Was it useful in the world? He was a lousy scumbag that everyone shrugged off! Medicine or enema all day! Habire either wipes his nose, sneezes, coughs or spits; stupid, grumpy, awkward, doesn’t give anyone peace of mind…” Upon these words, Beline asks Toinette for help with the money she wants to spend on her. Argan realizes that his wife doesn’t love him and comes to his senses. (Argan had so much confidence in his wife that he never expected these words from her. This is another overcompensation of the Skepticism Scheme)Then Argan wants to play the same game with his only daughter. (Skepticism Schema overcompensation can push a person into confidence games) . While his daughter is torn apart by this news, Cleante comes to the stage. Cleante is saddened by the sadness of his beloved. While he tells that he came to persuade Argan, but that he is very sorry for the situation he faced, Argan gets up from his place, saying that if you become a doctor, I will give you my daughter. While Cleante said that he would do anything for Angelique he loves, Beralde said ” My brother, if you were a doctor yourself, you would have gathered both the patient and the doctor in the same body!” says. Argan said, ‘Most doctors don’t know what you know.’ he encourages. Then, with a ceremony among themselves, Argan becomes a physician. Then, while Argan gets rid of unnecessary drugs and fake doctors, Angelique reunites with her beloved.

One of the most important features of the play Sick of Disease is that the leading role is played by Moliere himself. While Moliere plays the role of Argan in this play; Although he had a coughing fit due to tuberculosis in the 4th act of the play, he completed the play, and died at home with a coughing attack that came back a few hours after the play. He is a big plane tree of the theater, who set his heart to both making the society laugh and educating throughout his life.

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