Hypnotic Reprocessing Therapy

Hypnotic Reprocessing Therapy is a holistic approach that works with the conscious and subconscious minds and consists of bidirectional stimulations and hypnotic techniques. In this application, desensitization is achieved on the problem related to bidirectional stimulation accompanied by hypnotic techniques.

First of all, we must acknowledge that each individual has a positive tendency to process memories of trauma and negative life experiences, to cope with stress, and to move towards a more adaptive functioning.

However, in some cases; Along with low self-esteem, low self-efficacy elements, some traumas or negative life events may be insufficient in the functioning of the trauma processing process, and the situation that emerges in this direction is the emotions and behaviors left to us by the experienced event.

Since the person does not know how to deal with them, he develops a behavior based on self-protection, which we call avoidance behavior, and suppresses the existing emotions, behaviors or reactions. He experiences intense fear, anxiety, and anxiety for situations he cannot suppress.

With the Hypno-Mediative Reprocessing Therapy, a list of situations and events (phobias, traumas, negative life experiences) that cause distress to the person is prepared and the material in this list is started to work with the most intense negative emotion.

In the first part of the HYT application, which we call Hypno-Mediative, it is aimed to put the person into a state of hypnosis that is conscious and able to respond to suggestions, to relax with the suggestions given and to make him ready for practice. A small step is taken into the depths of one’s subconscious world.

In the 2nd part, there are Bidirectional Eye Movements. During this application, our aim is to reactivate the trauma processing process that occurs in REM sleep with external factors and to ensure that the negative life events experienced are processed again.

In the combination of these two methods and applications, HYT is applied while the person is in a semi-trans state, and the traumas that have started to be reprocessed when the application is over, the situations that cause intense anxiety and worry slowly disappear and the person continues his new life without these feelings.

HYT can be used in the therapy of emotional disorders caused by negative life experiences, especially anxiety disorders, phobias and traumas, and future-oriented negative life expectancies.

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