Hymen Planting

The hymen is planted in two ways.
Hymen Renewal with Permanent Method (Flap): It is performed on people who do not have any thoughts of marriage in the 1,1-5 months period or who will consider marriage after a very long time.

Planting Temporary Hymen: It is applied to people whose marriage will take place within a week.

These two hymen repair techniques are completely different from each other.

Permanent Hymen Stitching with Flap Method

The piece of tissue that is removed from the posterior wall of the vagina is called a flap. The hymen consists of the structure located 2 cm inside the vagina entrance, the vascularization of the membrane is very low and therefore it is not an easy process to maintain. When the male genital organ passes through this region, the tissue is torn and bleeding occurs. With the flap method, a piece of tissue removed from the inside of the vagina is removed and a new hymen is reconstructed. The blood supply of this area is also provided by the vagina’s own veins. This newly formed hymen surrounds the vaginal wall and acts as a barrier.

In the middle of this structure, there is a hole like the hymen in a virgin woman, through this opening, menstrual blood and vaginal discharges can come out.

The tissue formed with the first sexual intercourse ruptures and bleeding occurs and the color of the bleeding is the same as the normal bleeding color. Bleeding occurs due to damage to the veins in that area as a result of rupture, as in virgins.

If there is an enlargement of the vagina (depending on long-term sexual intercourse, abortion and childbirth) while the flap method is being applied, the narrowing procedure can also be performed in the same month.

In the post-procedure relationship, the other party cannot understand that this procedure has been done, but it can be understood by an obstetrician or forensic medicine specialist during the examination.
The flap method is performed by anesthetizing under local and general anesthesia for about 30 minutes. You can return to normal life on the same day.

Temporary Hymen Suturing

It is the process of restructuring the remaining tissues after the rupture of the hymen in the vagina after intercourse and by putting invisible stitches together. Hymen repair (hymenoplasty) can be done with local anesthesia and usually takes between 15-30 minutes. The person returns to their daily activities on the same day. If the hymen is repaired with this method, it should be done one or two days before the determined sexual intercourse time.

One of the frequently asked questions is whether the repair of the hymen (hymenoplasty) can be understood by the man. After the hymen transplant, sexual intercourse should be experienced within 3-4 days, otherwise bleeding may occur.

Things to Consider After Hymen Planting

Regular use of the medications given after the surgery as well as the surgical procedure, going to the doctor’s controls without interruption, and regular dressings are important in order to prevent infections.
It is recommended to stay away from sports activities (cycling, gymnastics, swimming in the sea and pool) for 1 week after the procedure.
Motorcycles and bicycles should not be ridden for a week in temporary planting processes,
Cleaning in the bathroom and toilet should be done using warm water from front to back, and then dried.

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