The hymen is a normal anatomical structure and its function is not known exactly. In our society, it is accepted as an indicator of whether or not sexual intercourse has taken place. Therefore, in childhood; In cases of bleeding from the genital area due to trauma, parents bring their children for examination in great rush. They are right, because if the bleeding has occurred from the hymen -which is usually near the membrane, a slight scratching on the perineum or lips – this is a very important event that will affect the child’s life in the future. Of course, he should be careful in terms of sexual abuse. However, it should be known that the hymen is not easily torn without a trauma especially to that area. Because its location is 1-2 cm inside the external genital organs.
It is difficult for women to do the hymen examination on their own. However, this examination can be done by obstetricians by giving an appropriate position. There are also misconceptions among the public that this examination will damage the dice. For example, they also think that a culture cannot be taken from a young girl with a discharge. However, the hymen is not a completely closed membrane, but has enough openings to allow menstrual blood to flow.
The anatomical structure of the hymen may vary from person to person. One of these structures is the one we call the hymen suitable for duhule and which we come across quite frequently. In this case, since the hymen is wide and flexible, there is no bleeding during intercourse and may cause false evaluations. There are also membranes that are very narrow and do not allow intercourse, which can be opened by a doctor with a simple operation.
Ultimately, it is the physician who will comment on the situation. Going for a maiden examination is not easy for a woman. Young girls, who have heard a lot about the hymen since their childhood and have been imposed as a taboo structure that will be protected and untouchable, suffer a great psychological depression when they somehow lose their hymen, and they even think of committing suicide.
Repair of the hymen is possible, it is life-saving when necessary. It can be done by the obstetrician. It is an intervention that can only be understood by the obstetrician’s examination.

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