The hymen is important in terms of belief and socio-cultural aspects in Muslim societies and some western countries. Re-sewing is recommended when the membrane is torn.

The hymen is the name given to the god of marriage in Greek mythology. In ancient Greece, zara is called HYMEN because the wedding night was dedicated to God. In developed societies, the importance of beliefs and socio-cultural aspects has gradually decreased.

It is a skin fold that develops externally while the vagina is developing in the embryological period. The dice is 1-1.5cm inside the entrance. There is a hole in the middle of the membrane that allows the menstrual blood to be thrown out. The structure and shape of this hole determines the types of membranes. The structure, thickness, elasticity and location of the membrane are different in every woman. This different structure of the membrane will rupture during intercourse or during an accident, and accordingly, bleeding will occur. The amount of bleeding always varies.

It is not possible for a woman to see and evaluate her own hymen. The membrane has no important physiological function. It is thought that it prevents foreign substances in the external environment from entering the vagina. Today, not the physiological importance of the membrane, but its legal and social importance comes to the fore.

In 20-30% of women, the membrane is flexible. So it has enough opening to let the penis in. In this case, there is no tearing during intercourse. These membranes are called flexible, permeable membranes. It ruptures during normal vaginal delivery. The hymen can also break apart from sexual intercourse. Accidents in that area, heavy sports, heavy movements cause excessive stretching of the membrane and cause tears. In partial tears of the hymen, bleeding is indistinct. Activities such as pool, shower and bath are free in these rips. The hymen is not torn by masturbation. Since there will be full healing 7-10 days after the membrane is torn, it will not be possible to evaluate whether the tear will be new or old. In this case, no interpretation can be made about the time of rupture of the membrane and what it was ruptured with. The ruptured membrane will not heal on its own and will remain torn. While there is very little bleeding during the rupture, sometimes increased bleeding occurs due to the rupture of the vaginal wall. In flexible membranes, there is no bleeding during intercourse. Even if the membrane is not ruptured, pregnancy can occur. Because when the glans of the penis comes across the membrane and orgasm is achieved by friction, the sperm can enter the vagina by splashing.

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