HPV virus and facts!…

The relationship between HPV virus and cervical cancer is discussed a lot. In fact, it is not disclosed to the public by people with knowledge of VIRAL CARCINOGENESIS. There may be commercial reasons for this, of course.

Briefly, HPV virus follows 6 different paths according to its virulence and type in the organism it affects:

1. It is immediately destroyed by the immune system of the organism it comes into contact with. The person does not even realize it.

2. It causes HPV positivity. But cytologically (in the smear test) there is no evidence of its presence.

3. It causes HPV positivity and its presence is detected in the smear test, but atypia is not observed.

4. Causes HPV positivity and both signs and atypia are observed in the smear test.

5. Detected atypia may return whether HPV positivity persists or not. Cytological findings are normal in recurrent smears.

6. In some cases, atypia persists and progresses to form low-grade malignancy LSIL or HSIL or carcinoma.

In short: HPV virus does not mean cancer.

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