How to Treat Under-Eye Bruises?

There are many different causes of dark circles under the eyes. As long as there is no underlying disease or circulatory problem, there is a cure for most conditions. First of all, the patient is evaluated with a good history and examination. Patients presenting with fluid accumulations under the eyes due to severe allergies and sinus problems are in the unsuitable group for eyelid surgery or filling. These methods are not sufficient in patients where the blackness and bruise are caused only by the darkness of the skin color. In patients outside of these groups, bruises under the eyes usually occur due to cupping between the lid and cheek. In order for the light hitting our face to be reflected back brightly, the lid-cheek transition must be straight; Since the light will reflect darkly from the irregular areas, these areas appear as black-violet. Light filling gives very good results in these patients, especially if there is no significant fat bagging. Hyaluronic acid fillers or fat transfers injected into the gaping part aim to make the lid-cheek transition smoother. As the light reflects back brighter from a flatter surface, the fillings made under the eyes are usually ‘ light fillIt is known as ‘.

Usually, some amount of the drug is applied to the deep tissue in the first session and the rest of the filler is injected at the end of the 2-3 week period when the area is filled day by day. With the application made in this way, the duration of the activity is approximately 2 years. Light filling should not be applied in patients with severe allergic structure (asthma attack, severe hay fever), patients with lymphatic drainage disorder in the lower lid. In addition, if fat bags are evident on the lower lid, if there is lid laxity, if there is a significant loss of elasticity in the skin, filling application is not appropriate, and even the problem may become more pronounced with filling. This distinction is made with a meticulous oculoplastic examination and it is decided which patient will be suitable for filling and which patient for surgery. It is not right to force the filling in patients who require surgery. surgical method bags, collapses, sagging, wrinkles can be corrected in a single session and a permanent detailed solution can be provided to this area for decades. A comprehensive to oculoplastic examination As a result, it is determined how the surgery will be performed and which techniques will be used. The technique to be applied to each patient differs according to the patient’s anatomical structure and needs. While there are cases where only the fat bags are replaced in the lower space, there are also patients who need to shape the entire midface. During this surgery, almond eye ‘ surgery technique is applied and the almond shape of the lower lid, which should be normal, is provided. Surgery is usually done from the pink tissue between the lid and the eye and there is no skin incision. Since the fat bags are simplified and placed in the lower pit, the bruise is removed and the lid-cheek transition is corrected. There may be swelling and bruising that can last for 1-2 weeks after the surgery, but the person can return to work on the 3rd day if he wishes.

Another treatment group for dark circles under the eyes is mesotherapy. mesotherapy In addition, chemicals that remove bruises, nourish and improve skin quality are given with needles under the skin. In the PRP application in this group, platelets prepared from the person’s own blood are injected under the skin instead of chemicals. Most of the time, mesotherapy is a method that we use in addition to surgery or filling application.

Another method for lower lid bruises, bags and sagging is bipolar radiofrequency based accutity method. Especially in patient groups who never want to have an operation, who do not have severe enough complaints to have an operation, who have had surgery before, but who have had some changes after years; It is a method that is applied under the skin without incision in people who expect a long-term effect close to the surgery, its effectiveness can continue for up to 5 years and the patient can return to normal life on the same day.

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