How to Say You’re Gonna Have a Sister

The fact that one more member will join the family means that there will be a change for everyone. However, this situation contains a big difference, especially for your child who was born. Your child needs some time to adapt to this change, so you should provide your child with the necessary information in the process, support him and help him prepare. So how do I prepare it?

As in many areas, it is very important to be predictable in this regard. What we mean by predictable is that the process should be explained to the child one by one, the steps such as shopping for his sibling, that he will have a room, that his sibling should stay in your room after his birth, that his sibling will be born after a certain period of time, that he will go to the hospital near his birth, should be told to the child. Thus, the child can have an idea about what will change and what will happen with the arrival of his sibling, and he can prepare himself for it.

Since the first months of pregnancy, which we call the first trimester, are risky, it should be told that the child will have a sibling after these months have passed. Because: If an unhealthy situation occurs, the child will also experience a loss and his psychological health will be adversely affected. It is important that the child hears the news that he will have a sibling from his parents and not from anyone else. It is recommended that this information be given to the child in an environment where the child feels safe and alone with their parents, so that the child feels more comfortable.

You should avoid unrealistic statements while giving information, otherwise the child’s expectation will be different and later on when it is not what he expected, he may become angry, disappointed, and these feelings may naturally change his behavior towards you and his sibling. When your brother is born, sentences such as you will play games with him, read books together, go to the park are unrealistic and the child is disappointed because he cannot do these things right away when his brother is born.

Keep your child with you from time to time when shopping for the baby and get his ideas. You can ask questions such as which one is better, which one does your brother like more.

If the mother has difficulties and health problems during pregnancy, be careful not to reflect this on your child. Your child thinks that the reason for the difficulty is his sibling and starts to perceive him as someone who hurt his mother. It establishes a negative relationship between the baby and the mother’s health.

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